Play Angry Birds On PlayStation, XBox & Wii Soon

Angry Birds, the simple game where the user launches a flock of birds to hit out at pigs that have stolen their eggs has become hugely popular on each of the platforms they have launched until now – iOS, Android, Symbian,etc. Now, this application that has a passionate following among its users could soon be making its way into the game consoles.

This revelation was made by Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka at the Social Gaming Summit held in London recently. Rovio is the gaming company behind the successful application and according to Vesterbacka the company could also be launching a sequel to the game but with a twist – the story could be told from a pig’s point of view. Vesterbacka did not elaborate much over these upcoming releases.

Nevertheless, a gaming console version could come as exciting news for the thousands of followers and we look forward to an announcement regarding the release dates.

Zynga Poker Android App Releasing Soon

Zynga is making its foray into the Android platform. And it’s not Farmville that will be the first title to make it to this new space. Instead, Zynga Poker, the second most popular title from Zynga will launch as an Android app soon. The reason for the move is not known. Perhaps, Zynga sees Texas Hold’em based games as more profitable for the company. Also, while it is not known outside Zynga, it is likely that the Farmville charm is already on the decline. How long do you expect users to keep liking their virtual harvesting and egg farming businesses?

Either way, it is a great choice to offer to Poker fans. It is said that Zynga will make use of the new single sign-on feature from Facebook to make it possible for users to register and login instantly.

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New Feature Rich Facebook Games Portal Launching Soon

Facebook is said to be getting ready to launch a new feature rich gaming portal that will offer a centralized place for all Facebook gamers to find and play all their favorite games. The social network has close to 200 million monthly gamers and the new portal will have Facebook partnering with a number of developer partners in this launch.

This news is still a rumor and although Facebook has not completely denied it, they have said that the games team is “working on building features to make it easier for people to discover and re-engage with games”. That definitely sounds like a rational explanation for the resources being put into this new portal.

The games portal shall be an extension of the gaming dashboard that Facebook launched in September of this year. This upcoming launch should centralize the whole gaming experience. The portal is rumored to launch by mid-November.

Planet Michael – New Free Online Game For Michael Jackson Fans Releases

Michael Jackson has been one of the most loved as well as reviled pop star in recent times and his death a year back shook up the internet, literally, as Google nearly went down giving in to frantic searches from people looking to know if their favorite star was dead.

Now 15 months on, a gaming development company, SEE Virtual Worlds, has announced the launch of Planet Michael – a massively multiplayer online game that is dedicated to MJ fans. USA Today writes,

“We put a focus on something that will truly allow fans to immerse themselves in a Michael Jackson-like universe or music-video-like world and interact with each other and then go on adventures and do gameplay stuff and socialize,” says Josh Gordon of developer SEE Virtual Worlds.

Think World of Warcraft— with no violence and more dancing. “The player is more apt to succeed in a situation using song, dance and adventure as opposed to violence,” Gordon says.

The gaming application is free to download for users and is open to players 13 years and above. You can check out the game yourself at And in case you are wondering, the website is Flash based so OS platforms that do not support it are exempt.

Facebook Entering China As Game Developer

There were speculations earlier this week that Facebook could be entering the Chinese market soon via an M&A or a Joint Venture. It now appears that Facebook may be looking at China as more of a development center for the West rather than as a market opportunity.

A new report from Marbridge Consulting suggests that the world’s largest social networking site may be looking at establishing a gaming development center in China that will develop high quality games for the western market. It is being reported that Facebook makes very little from the sale of virtual goods from third party developers like Zynga who are behind the popular Facebook game, Farmville. By instituting their own social games, Facebook may be cashing in on the highly lucrative social gaming market.

Does that mean the 56,000 Chinese users in Facebook will remain friendless as always?

[via Marbridge Consulting]

Farmville Users To Get ‘Pay By Facebook’ Option This Week

Users of the hugely popular social game on Facebook, Farmville can expect the ‘Pay By Facebook‘ option to be rolled out sometime this week. The Business Insider reveals that Facebook’s payment gateway integration is so close to being implemented on Farmville that it could have been introduced last week itself.

The payment gateway is expected to be a huge money-spinner for Facebook, the world’s most popular social network that is now inching towards the 400 million registered users mark. However, despite the huge popularity of its application platform, the website itself had only been making money from advertising which did not contribute to much, considering the major part of revenues from gaming were to be made from purchase of virtual goods.

Facebook is expected to charge a 30% commission on transactions over its payment gateway. Despite this high charge, it is believed that developers would be willing to opt in considering the “Facebook stamp”. The Business Insider also notes that gaming app developers like Zynga believe a payment gateway from Facebook will in fact encourage more users to spend money, thus increasing overall revenues from the gaming apps.

[via Business Insider]