No Multitasking, Copy-Paste On Windows Phone 7

Apple has been ridiculed, abused and hated for the lack of critical features like multitasking on the iPhone. However, over the past two years, the company at least brought in copy-paste functionalities to the iPhone.

Now, it seems like a similar story is set to unfold – with Microsoft. Rumors are that Windows Phone 7 that is expected to roll out in the second half of this year will miss clipboard functionalities as well as complete multi-tasking.  Charlie Kendell from the Microsoft Windows Phone app platform says,

“We do not allow third-party applications running on the phone to execute in the background. We’re poised to support it eventually, but in order to support great battery life and great end-user experience, we’re focusing on the integrated experiences first.”

Looks like Microsoft has got the script totally wrong. The iPhone clicked despite its shortcomings because the smartphone was still in its early stages back then. But today (or six months down the lane when WinMo 7 launches), there are a plethora of smartphones available; some with multitasking and clipboard features enabled. Even the iPhone is rumored to be getting its multitasking feature in a couple of months.

Isn’t Microsoft too late to the party?

[via Wired]

Motorola’s Multiple Screen Display To Improve User Experience

Is watching a video on your tiny smartphone screen not good enough? Are your fingers too big to type on your smartphone touchscreen? Don’t worry, Motorola may have just heard you. According to a patent application filed by the company, you may be able to make your viewing screen bigger by simply placing your Motorola handsets beside one another.

In the filing, the inventors describe a technology whereby the display of several handsets may be configured to act like one to run applications such as streaming a video while maintaining the same aspect ratio. The inventors write

“A device comprises a display arrangement which includes a plurality of displays that are movable relative to each other such that a plurality of display configurations can be achieved. Each of the display configurations provides a combined display area which is different for at least two of the display configurations. An application processor is operable to execute a plurality of user applications, each of which can provide a display output. A display driver is arranged to generate an arrangement of display output for the display arrangement from the display output of an application being executed. The display driver sets a display characteristic for the arrangement of display output in response to a characteristic of the executed application and the deployed display configuration.”

Multiple Screen Display for smartphones

Looks like an iBoard and iMat killer is not too far away!

Microsoft Smartphone On Verizon Launching Next Month?

Microsoft’s Project Pink is well and alive according to an inside source. Reuters cites the source as being informed of a Microsoft branded smartphone hitting the US market by “late spring or early summer“.

According to the claims, the phone shall run on Verizon Wireless and shall be targeted at the heavy social networkers. We are not sure of the OS though it is likely to be Windows Phone Classic considering that the newly unveiled Windows Phone 7 series phones are not expected to launch until late this year – earliest by September.

While Microsoft has all along denied these rumors, considering that the expected launch date is just over 10 weeks away, we expect the beans to be spilled sooner than later.

[via Reuters, Gizmodo]

Sony Tablet To Take On Apple iPad?

Realizing that the iPhone and iPad have been implicitly chomping away at Sony’s market share in the portable game console market, the Japanese manufacturer is believed to be working on a smartphone and tablet device that will take on competition from Apple head on.

A recently published article on the Wall Street Journal claims that these new devices expected to launch later this year will be based on Sony’s new online media platform.  Incidentally, this new media platform, tentatively named Sony Online Service will be taking on Apple’s iTunes platform to distribute music, movies, TV shows and other forms of digital content.

The specifications and price of the smartphone and tablet devices are not known as yet, though it is believed to be taking off from where the Sony eReader left; selling close to one million units since launch.

[via WSJ]