Sharp Galapagos Tablet Features Revealed During Launch

Sharp has announced their foray into the tablet business with the launch of two new Android-based devices at Tokyo today. The new Sharp Galapagos tablets will come in two sizes of 5.5″ and 10.8″. Sharp has notably positioned the device as a cloud-based ebook reading gadget.

The 5.5″ tablet comes with a 1024×600 pixels resolution LCD display and is optimized to display paperback books. The device has a trackball to enable page-scrolling and comes in two colors – red and black.

The 10.8″ tablet on the other hand is built with a 1366×768 pixel resolution LCD display and is more like the iPad when it comes to interacting with an ebook. Both the devices will support Wi-Fi connectivity and will come with the ability to surf the web, view documents, play games and a pre-installed social app that will let users share comments and recommendations regarding devices with one another.

Here’s an official promo of the upcoming media tablet. The launch date is not revealed as yet though we assume it to be available inside Japan to begin with. The Galapagos ebookstore shall open in Japan in December and will house close to 30,000 books, magazines and newspapers.


Sharp SH-10B Android MID Features And Launch Date For Japan

Sharp is coming up with one more of their mobile internet devices known as Sharp SH-10B that will be a clamshell device running on Google’s Android operating system. From what we know, the device will come with a high definition 5-inches display screen and two powerful cameras offering pictures at 5.3-Megapixel and 4.3-Megapixel cameras respectively. The latter is front-facing that can be accessed when the clamshell is unfolded.

The new Sharp SH-10B MID has no dearth of ┬áconnectivity options being equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, HSDPA/HSUPA and GPS/A-GPS functionalities. Users can also watch television on the go with the digital TV tuner. The memory is pretty large for an MID – at 3.4GB.

For now, the Sharp clamshell MID is learned to be launching only in Japan. That’s starting July 23rd. There is no information on when the device will open to markets outside Sharp’s home turf. Keep returning to this site till we get you those details.


AT&T Sharp FX Price, Features And Launch Date Revealed

Sharp is launching its new FX mobile phone on the AT&T network. Features-wise there is nothing extraordinary to speak about. But, it is surely a device that heavy-texters among you would love. The device comes with a slider physical QWERTY keyboard, 3.5G network, HTML browser, a 2-Megapixel camera and connectivity through GPS. Another feature that Sharp FX tries to sell you is Mobile TV – but wonder how big is that going to be considering that the feature has failed to gain traction through all these years.
Sharp FX on AT&T
Nevertheless, this is a T-Mobile Sidekick-like device and is launching on AT&T on July 25. The AT&T Sharp FX shall be priced at $99 along with a two year contract with data and voice worth $60. It’s not too different from what you may be paying for iPhone 3GS. But the features are something you have to make sure that you like them.


Sharp VR-100BR1 Blu-ray Disc Offers 100GB Storage

Japanese electronics manufacturer, Sharp, has announced the impending launch of their new VR-100BR1 blu-ray disc that will come with a staggering storage capacity of 100GB. What’s a 100GB? PCWorld explains that this is equivalent to 12 hours of regular digital TV broadcast or 9 hours satellite TV broadcasts.

The Sharp VR-100BR1 shall become available in Japan on July 30. The blu-ray disc is expected to subsequently be made available in USA and other markets though there is no word on the date at the moment. The company is also yet to make an announcement on the pricing. However, reports suggest that the high capacity blu-ray disc could be available at a price of $55 to $60.

The new Sharp VR-100BR1 conforms to the latest BDXL specifications that were instituted by the Blu-Ray Disc Association back in April this year. These new specifications allow storage of a maximum of 128GB. However these discs are non-writable and rewritable discs can only provide storage of up to 100GB.

Gadgets Nintendo

3D Camera On Nintendo 3DS A Possibility

Ever since Sharp announced that it was launching a 3D camera module for mobile phones, speculations are rife that the technology could come available on the latest Nintendo 3DS. The speculations are not entirely baseless. Sharp and Nintendo have also been rumored to be in a partnership where the latter has been using Sharp’s glasses-free parallax barrier technology on the Nintendo 3DS. So, a 3D camera module on Nintendo 3DS is very much a possibility.

Sharp’s 3D camera module is capable of capturing 720p video in 3D. While that’s impressive, we wonder if this feature is going to add anything to Nintendo in its selling proposition. What do you think?

[via TechRadar]


Sharp 3D LCD Screen For Mobile Handsets

Motorola is not the only company working on developing 3D display technology for mobile phones. Japanese electronics manufacturer Sharp has revealed that the company is working on a special LCD screen that can bring 3D display to the mobile phone handsets. With this display, users may be able to view 3D graphics on their mobile phones without the need to wear special 3D glasses.

However, the technology is not at its best as yet. According to a report on ComputerWorld, the 3D rendering will happen only when the screen is viewed at an appropriate angle and distance. The report notes,

“To get the 3D illusion viewers must hold the screen about 30 centimeters in front of them — about the same distance at which a cell phone or digital camera is typically held. If they get the angle right, they will see an image that appears to have depth; if they get it wrong they will see a blurred image that’s difficult to decipher.”

However, users may be offered an easy way to switch between 3D and 2D display which should make it much more useful.

[via ComputerWorld]