Sharp Galapagos Tablet Features Revealed During Launch

Sharp has announced their foray into the tablet business with the launch of two new Android-based devices at Tokyo today. The new Sharp Galapagos tablets will come in two sizes of 5.5″ and 10.8″. Sharp has notably positioned the device as a cloud-based ebook reading gadget.

The 5.5″ tablet comes with a 1024×600 pixels resolution LCD display and is optimized to display paperback books. The device has a trackball to enable page-scrolling and comes in two colors – red and black.

The 10.8″ tablet on the other hand is built with a 1366×768 pixel resolution LCD display and is more like the iPad when it comes to interacting with an ebook. Both the devices will support Wi-Fi connectivity and will come with the ability to surf the web, view documents, play games and a pre-installed social app that will let users share comments and recommendations regarding devices with one another.

Here’s an official promo of the upcoming media tablet. The launch date is not revealed as yet though we assume it to be available inside Japan to begin with. The Galapagos ebookstore shall open in Japan in December and will house close to 30,000 books, magazines and newspapers.