FoxConn Wants To Improve Your Dice-Gaming Experience

One might have assumed that FoxConn wants to claim proprietary rights to devices that can change apps, play music,etc. on shaking the device (which is prior art by the way). But no.  Taiwan based Hon Hai Precision, which is better known as FoxConn outside wants to patent a shake responsive handheld that will improve the experience while playing dice-games.

The patent application reads

“In general, such dice games are played by rolling the dice for the user automatically or based upon a simple button press, which differs significantly from the experience of physically rolling dice. In the real world, there is a causal relationship between physically tossing dice and observing the outcome that has made dice games so popular over the centuries. Therefore, there is a need to provide a handheld device that can be shaken to simulate dice rolling in the real world.”

Play dice games on smartphone with Foxconn devices

Wouldn’t you love shaking your phone instead of a dice?