Microsoft Windows TV Set Top Box To Take On Apple TV & Google TV

Microsoft is expected to make a significant announcement during CES 2011 that will see the company unveil its new Windows-based set top box that will take on Apple and Google in the web-based set top box space. The product could be named Windows TV and will basically be a stripped-down version of the Windows OS that is customized for a television.

Microsoft should have a significant advantage over the rest considering that they are already the largest desktop OS and should be able to offer users a platform with a very familiar look and feel. Writing about this new foray, Brier Dudley from the Seattle Times writes,

“They’ll pose a serious challenge to the new Apple and Google TV devices, largely because the Windows boxes have a polished and familiar TV-program guide that makes it easy to blend and navigate both online and broadcast content”

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft integrates its computer based media platforms like Windows Media Center with a TV set top box. We will wait for an official unveiling from Microsoft at CES.

Google TV On Best Buy – Launch On October 17?

Pardon me for the number of fake alarms with respect to the official launch date for Google TV. Remember the original rumors about the set top box launching in May? Well, that never happened. But there was an interesting rumor earlier this month when Intel CEO, Paul Otellini suggested that the Google TV could launch “this month.

Now if more recent speculations are to be believed, Intel could be wrong. This is because a leaked internal document from Best Buy has revealed that the Google TV could actually be making it to the stores only by October 17th. This is after the document notes that the original launch date of October 3 had to be deferred due to unspecified issues. Considering that Best Buy is an official Google partner in the sale of Google TV, this looks like a pretty reasonable speculation. But wouldn’t it be great if G gave us an official launch date?

Google TV Will Be A Set-Top Box And A NetTop

A lot has been discussed about the upcoming Google TV. Several companies including Logitech, Intel, Sony and Google are learned to be working on this new set-top box that will take Google to the television and media entertainment space.

However, it appears that Google TV is not going to work merely as a set top box for your television sets. A recent picture of the device’s interiors offers greater insights into what purposes the device will serve. And the speculation right now is that this is not just a set-top box, but also a nettop.
Google TV For Computer Nettop
As you can see from the picture above, the Google TV platform looks pretty similar to any normal Intel Atom powered nettop that supports multimedia capabilities. It has a 1.2GHz Intel Atom processor, hardware accleration for HD video, 3D graphics, heat sink, Wi-Fi module, USB ports, ethernet jack and other connections.

So in all probability, you can not only connect your Google TV to your television as a set top box, but can also connect it to your computer to serve as a media-center platform.

Google TV : Google, Sony, Intel And Logitech Partnership

Earlier this month, we had reported that Google is working with Dish TV to bring a TV Listing search service that could be based on the Android operating system. Now, it appears that there is more to the story.

Acording to a story published on the New York Times, Google is working on developing an Atom powered set-top box that will could introduce us to a “Google TV” platform. According to the sources, Google may be opening the platform for third party developers to bring add-on plugins, much in the same way as third party apps are available on the Android marketplace.

Intel is assumed to be powering the devices while Sony is set to be developing the set top boxes. The report claims Logitech to be working on a compatible remote control for the platform.

None of the companies confirmed the report.

[via The NY Times]