4G Network Support On HTC Droid Incredible Discovered

Droid Incredible users who complain about the non-availability of an EVO-like support to 4G network have something to cheer about. It appears that the Verizon phone may actually be capable of handling 4G networks even though it appears to have been hidden and disabled at present. The feature was discovered by a user with the help of the Google Gesture Search that allows users to search for content inside the phone by simply drawing gestures over the touchscreen. The 4G support is not only hidden but also collapses soon after being accessed.

Droid Incredible 4G Support

While this is something worth getting excited about, we are still unsure if the feature is deliberately introduced in the phone for a later release (very unlikely) or if the feature was brought to Droid Incredible by mistake since the HTC Sense UI on the phone is pretty similar to the one on EVO 4G. Either way, one thing is for sure. Droid Incredible users are not going to get 4G network support anytime soon.

HTC Sense UI Upgrade For Android 2.2 Handsets Coming Soon?

A new version of the HTC Sense UI was announced by the company last week and HTC handset owners have already started to wonder if their phones too will receive an upgrade to the new UI version. If you have rooted your Desire HD phone, you can head over to the XDA forums to get yourself a nice custom ROM that features the new Sense UI. However, if you are an Android 2.2 phone user and are waiting for a legitimate update from HTC, chances are that it is on the way. A tweet from the company on its Spanish Twitter account reads,

“@FrantiC Los Desire y resto de terminales con la versión 2.2(Froyo) podrán disfrutar del #Htcsense un saludo”

that roughly translates to

“@FrantiC The Desire and other terminals with version 2.2 (Froy) # Htcsense can enjoy the compliments”

The tweet appears to have been deleted right now and so it is difficult to authenticate the claims doing the rounds in the blogosphere. Nevertheless, let’s hope the update arrives sooner or later.

HTC Droid Incredible Browser Privacy Issue Fix On The Way

It is sad that for a company that makes some of the best smartphones in the market, the last four articles here have all been about issues and bugs. First, it was about an isolated bottom screen separation issue that was noticed on HTC EVO 4G phones. Recently, we also heard about a touch screen response issue detected on the EVO.

Besides these, we had also written last week about a browser privacy issue on Droid Incredible that prevented web page thumbnails from being deleted from memory even after a system reset.

HTC has now revealed that the company has identified the source of the issue and is working on a software fix that shall be pushed to devices shortly. The announcement also makes it clear that this is an issue specific to the Droid Incredible and that other devices with Sense UI did not have the same problem.

HTC Droid Incredible Browser Privacy Issue

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HTC Sense UI Browser Privacy Issue Detected

Seems like HTC is battling one issue after another. Soon after we had reported bottom screen separation issues in the new HTC EVO 4G comes reports that the company’s native Sense UI may have some inherent flaws that can compromise the privacy of the user.

Users may be aware of the Sense bookmarking widget on HTC handsets that take periodic snapshots of the user’s browser to be offered as a quick reference. Folks at Boy Genius Report are reporting that these snapshots may stay on the user’s handset even after a master reset is effected. Their article suggests that the snapshots, which reside at .bookmark_thumb1 subfolder of the emmc folder fails to get deleted when a master reset is set. Consequently, it can mean that confidential information like SSN or bank account details may be passed on to the handset’s new user if these details are captured in the snapshots.

HTC is expected to issue an update to rectify the issue shortly.

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T-Mobile MyTouch Slide Price And Launch Date Revealed

TmoNews has gotten hold of a few promo materials from T-Mobile that indicates that the MyTouch Slide could be making its way to the stores by June 16th. And another interesting revelation is the price point. The device is expected to come at $149.99 along with a two year contract.

Don’t like the contract part? Then you go for a contract-less piece at $399.99. Alternately, you may also finance your MyTouch Slide for a cost of $23 per month.

The T-Mobile MyTouch Slide is a nice Android phone running on a customized Sense UI platform. Though this may not compare to the HTC EVO 4G, this new HTC handset is surely going to be one another head turner.

[via TmoNews]

HTC myTouch 1.2 To Come With Expresso, Swype Input

I am not very sure about the credibility of this rumor, but folks at Android Community report “creditable sources” as revealing that the HTC myTouch 1.2 could be launching with Expresso and Swype Input.

You might have heard of Swype. It is an upcoming technology founded by the developer of the popular T9 dictionary that claims to improve the speed of typing on your mobile phone. Here is quick video that will give you a nice idea of how it works.

Expresso, as Android Community notes is HTC’s own version of Android 2.1 with more features like Sense UI. If these rumors are true, then myTouch 1.2 is definitely something to watch out for…though I still have my doubts on whether Swype is really that new-age technology that it is hyped to be.

[via Android Community]