New Windows 7 Samsung Gloria Tablet PC To Be Demoed At CES

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer will be unveiling his company’s plans to take on the Apple iPad during the Consumer Electronics Show to be held in the first week of January. This is after Redmond failed to produce any goods of worth in the past one year since the company demoed HP Slate at CES 2010.

So what is Ballmer demoing this time? Word is that it is going to be primarily two devices – one made by Dell and another from Samsung. The Samsung Gloria, as it is speculated to be called, will be a 10.1″ Slate PC running Windows 7. There is however another speculation that Microsoft could also reveal finer details about the next generation Windows 8 during the demo.

There is not much information on the specs of these Windows 7 tablets though the Samsung Gloria could be equipped with a ‘slide-out’ keyboard.

GPS Connectivity Bug On Samsung Vibrant/Captivate – New Fix Released

The Samsung Galaxy S has been a great phone overall and has really been one of the hot-selling smartphones in recent times. However, there has been one bug that has affected a couple of Galaxy S variants since release. Samsung Vibrant and Captivate owners have frequently complained about a bug with the device’s GPS system that occasionally disconnects or reports an inaccurate location to the user.

In September this year, we had written about a fix that was released by Samsung that was expected to resolve this issue. And it hopefully helped most users. However, if you are one of those still seeing a problem with your phone’s GPS, the company has rolled out a new guide that should help you through.

The guide takes you through a series of instructions to help you resolve the GPS bug. You can click on the links below to check them out.

Samsung Vibrant
Samsung Captivate

Samsung Galaxy Tab On US Carriers – Price & Launch Details Summarized

The Galaxy Tab is already available on a few carriers in the United States and is slated to become available on other carriers soon. If you are confused about the pricing, data plans and the launch dates – in case of networks where it hasn’t launched yet, then here is a neat summary of all our articles until now.

Click here for a slideshow of all the related Galaxy Tab news articles.

On Verizon

Already launched at a price of $599.99 with data plans starting at $20 a month

On T-Mobile

Already launched at a price of $399.99 subsidized or $599.99 unsubsidized. Data plans start at $24.99

On Sprint

Available now at a subsidized price of $399.99. Data plans start at $29.99 for 2GB of data


Launch is speculated to happen on November 21. Price should be around $649.99 unsubsidized with data plans starting at $14.99

On US Cellular

Launching on November 19 at a subsidized price of $399. Data plans start at $14.99 for 200MB of data.

Is The Samsung Galaxy Tab Gorilla Glass Panel Breakable?

Well, Samsung has quite proudly called the Gorilla glass on Galaxy Tab as some tough material. But it will take us more than a media statement to actually start believing it. Now here is some evidence that the Gorilla glass on the Galaxy Tab is really crack-proof.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab user has done something that many of us may never want to – shoot the pretty tablet computer at point blank range with an air pistol. What is wonderful is that the tablet not only stays without a crack after the “experiment“, but also continues to function good enough.

Check out the video of the test below.

You may note that the Galaxy S smartphone too features a gorilla glass and so must be equally crack proof. But we have our doubts about the iPhone 4 that is known to feature a similar glass material. Recent reports had shown that the glass pane on the iPhone 4 was actually susceptible to scratches and cracks when fit with slide-on cases.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab – Pricing Details & Launch

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is now available for purchase in the United States and T-Mobile has become the first carrier in the country to bring the highly anticipated Android tablet to consumers. According to an announcement from the company, the device shall be selling at a price of $399.99 along with a new two year T-Mobile contract. Those of you who do not want to be bound by contract may pick up the device at $599.99 instead. These details are a minor deviation from our earlier speculation that the Galaxy Tab will launch on T-Mobile at $349 subsidized and $649 unsubsidized.

There are two data packages to pick from. Users may either go with a 200MB per month data connection that is available for $24.99 or may pay $39.99 for a 5GB connection. Both the plans will come with free SMS and MMS facilities. You should be aware that the Galaxy Tab units in US shall not be enabled with voice calling. You can check out the device at the T-Mobile store here.

Verizon Samsung Continuum – Price, Features & Launch Unveiled

Samsung unveiled its new Android 2.1 smartphone – the Continuum at a media event yesterday. The specifications are not entirely new to us – check our features comparison article – though the official announcement has added credibility to all the rumors and speculations that have been doing the rounds so far. In case you missed it, the Samsung Continuum will feature a 3.4″ capacitive touchscreen WVGA display and will run on a 1GHz Hummingbird processor and a 512MB ROM. This is a dual display device with a 1.8″ ticker display beneath the actual display that will display notifications for messages besides updating the user on RSS feed updates, weather information, sports scores, caller info,etc.

The device will be launching on Verizon and you can buy one starting November 11. The price of the Continuum is expected to be around $199 – that is with a $100 mail-in rebate and after you sign a two year contract.

Does this look interesting?

Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy Tab On T-Mobile From Amazon

Looking to purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile? Then you should probably hit their retail stores. The device costs $399 with a 2 year contract and is available unsubsidized for $599. But in any case you want to pre-order one right away from Amazon, get ready to shell out $50 more. Amazon has just put up their T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab up for pre-order at $699 – that’s still $50 lower than the original retail price of $749 and is unsubsidized.

So what does the pre-order mean? It means your device won’t arrive until the 10th of November. Amazon notes that the Tab will be officially released on November 9 and give one day for shipping which means you should get the device by the 10th.

The Galaxy Tab is available at a range of different prices depending on where you are purchasing them from. Check out our Galaxy Tab page for the other prices.

World’s Largest Phone Manufacturers By Units Sold

The mobile phone segment is very competitive with every quarter bringing some sort of a surprise. Back in May this year, I had written about an IDC report that had listed the world’s five largest mobile phone manufacturers. Nokia, quite unsurprisingly, had the top slot while Research In Motion and Sony Ericsson had their spots […]

The mobile phone segment is very competitive with every quarter bringing some sort of a surprise. Back in May this year, I had written about an IDC report that had listed the world’s five largest mobile phone manufacturers. Nokia, quite unsurprisingly, had the top slot while Research In Motion and Sony Ericsson had their spots in the top five secured.

Just a few months and a few launches later, there seems to be a complete revamp of the last three positions. Thanks to a robust growth in sales despite a number of reported bugs, Apple has notced a spot in the top five. LG has had a lackluster period and has seen the number of units sold drop. Sony Ericsson is out of the top five.

Here is the latest top five list along with the units sold in the quarter Q3 2010. The corresponding worldwide market share is in the brackets.

1. Nokia : 110.4 million (32.4%)
2. Samsung : 71.4 million (21.0%)
3. LG Electronics : 28.4 million (8.3%)
4. Apple : 14.1 million (4.1%)
5. RIM : 12.4 million (3.6%)
Others : 103.8 million (30.5%)
Total : 340.5 million (100%)

Google Nexus Two Rumors – Unveiling On November 8?

Google may have officially claimed that they are no longer going to focus on the hardware side of the mobile business, but rumors have been doing the rounds over the past one week that Mountain View is launching a Nexus Two phone shortly. The device will reportedly be exclusively sold at CarPhone Warehouse for the UK market.

Now a fresh word is that Google could soon be making an official unveiling of this device. And unlike the earlier model, the new phone could come from Samsung and not HTC. Also, the official unveiling could happen on November 8 – at an official Samsung event.

Few things to note here. The phone may not be called a Nexus Two. Google could be coming up with a new brand considering that the earlier one did not exactly take off. Also, though the phone is from Samsung, it may not be layered with its custom UI and would instead retain the native Android look.

A partnership with Samsung makes sense considering that Google may now be able to gain access to the state of the art Super AMOLED displays that Samsung manufactures. These displays have been in huge demand and with Samsung being one of the few manufacturers have found it extremely difficult in recent times to keep up with production. Consequently, most manufacturers including HTC have moved away from Super AMOLED to alternate displays. By partnering with Samsung, Google may gain access to these “super” displays to go with what they call their “superphones“.