Samsung S-Tab To Be Called Galaxy Tape?

Samsung has long been rumored to be working on a new Android based tablet device scheduled to launch later this year. The tablet – S-Tab is speculated to come with a 7 inches display, Super-AMOLED screen and powered by ARM architecture.

Seems like most of these speculations are true, except the name. A Vietnamese website  has revealed pictures and details of this new upcoming device that they claim shall be called Galaxy Tape. The device is indeed going to have a 7-inch display and an A8 processor. Besides the tablet PC is expected to run on Froyo and equipped with 16GB of onboard storage apart from a 32GB microSD extension. This is how the device is rumored to look like.

Samsung Tablet PC Galaxy Tape

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[Tinh Te via Engadget]

Samsung Tablet On Android OS With 4G Connectivity

Late last week, Philip Newton, the director of Samsung Australia’s IT division had hinted at the possibility of a Samsung Tablet PC launch later this year. While no specs were offered then, we are now hearing fresh rumors that the slate could be truly revolutionary with several interesting features on offer.

First thing : The Samsung tablet could run on Android OS powered by an ARM architecture. Also, there are possibilities that the new Samsung tablet device may come with a headset that supports calling via VoIP, 3G or even 4G technology.

Other details are sketchy though with whatever information is available, we think the game is on to out-do the iPad in every possible way.

[Tweakers via BGR]