Samsung i8910 HD HX-V5 Firmware Upgrade Released

A new HX-V5 (HyperX) firmware upgrade has been released for Samsung i8910 HD which fixes a lot of pertinent issues besides introducing minor improvement in features. Some notable changes as offered in the changelog are

  • camera videos/images are saved with DATE instead of text by default (
  • wlan-power at down 40 mw by dafault – saves battery
  • landscape standart-apps added
  • number of saved sms changed to 999
  • proximity patch enabled by default – when you are in call, no keylock will be applied. You can turn off this patch in rompatcher.
  • Threaded-SMS-lite on autoinstall and linked INTO messaging-app as it replaced “conversations” you can update this app when ever you want to the PRO version

You can download the new firmware by clicking here. Please do not forget to backup before proceeding.