Is The Samsung Galaxy Tab Gorilla Glass Panel Breakable?

Well, Samsung has quite proudly called the Gorilla glass on Galaxy Tab as some tough material. But it will take us more than a media statement to actually start believing it. Now here is some evidence that the Gorilla glass on the Galaxy Tab is really crack-proof.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab user has done something that many of us may never want to – shoot the pretty tablet computer at point blank range with an air pistol. What is wonderful is that the tablet not only stays without a crack after the “experiment“, but also continues to function good enough.

Check out the video of the test below.

You may note that the Galaxy S smartphone too features a gorilla glass and so must be equally crack proof. But we have our doubts about the iPhone 4 that is known to feature a similar glass material. Recent reports had shown that the glass pane on the iPhone 4 was actually susceptible to scratches and cracks when fit with slide-on cases.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab – Pricing Details & Launch

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is now available for purchase in the United States and T-Mobile has become the first carrier in the country to bring the highly anticipated Android tablet to consumers. According to an announcement from the company, the device shall be selling at a price of $399.99 along with a new two year T-Mobile contract. Those of you who do not want to be bound by contract may pick up the device at $599.99 instead. These details are a minor deviation from our earlier speculation that the Galaxy Tab will launch on T-Mobile at $349 subsidized and $649 unsubsidized.

There are two data packages to pick from. Users may either go with a 200MB per month data connection that is available for $24.99 or may pay $39.99 for a 5GB connection. Both the plans will come with free SMS and MMS facilities. You should be aware that the Galaxy Tab units in US shall not be enabled with voice calling. You can check out the device at the T-Mobile store here.

How To Run All Apps On Samsung Galaxy Tab In Full Screen Mode

Not all apps on the Android market are capable of running on devices with a resolution higher than 800×480 pixels. This means a number of popular applications do not appear full screen on a device like Samsung Galaxy Tab that has a resolution of 1024×600 pixels.

All is not lost though as a Galaxy Tab user has discovered a simple way to get all applications to run in full screen mode. The procedure makes use of a free Android app called Spare Parts and will require a couple of reboots. You can check out this video embedded below for the complete how-to instructions.

The trick lets all applications to scale beyond the 800×480 pixel barrier and removes one of the most prominent disadvantages that the Galaxy Tab had vis-a-vis the iPad. Did you try the method? Do remember to let us know how it went in the comments below. You can use the QR code below to download Spare Parts to your Tab.

Spare parts Android app

No Skype Over 3G On Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab

Those of you in the US who want to go with Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab do take note. Your tablets will not come with the ability to use Skype’s voice calling facility over 3G. A recent report on PC Mag notes that the Skype app will come pre-loaded on Verizon’s Galaxy Tab; but this application will only work over Wi-Fi and will not consume any 3G data.

This is interesting from more than one perspective. Firstly, Skype and Verizon have been partners for sometime now after the companies signed a deal last year that brought Skype’s 3G calling feature pre-installed on Verizon phones. The move was to counter the influence of AT&T iPhone that had, at that time, prohibited the use of 3G data by third party VoIP services. Secondly, though Verizon is only selling Wi-Fi versions of the iPad on its stores, these tablets are bundled with a Verizon MiFi device that makes use of the carrier’s 3G network to offer a wireless hotspot for mobile surfing.

Interestingly, other VoIP clients like those from Fring, Nimbuzz and Qik are expected to work over WiFi as well as 3G on the Verizon Galaxy Tab. That makes the absence of 3G Skype on the Verizon Tab all the more intriguing.

Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy Tab On T-Mobile From Amazon

Looking to purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile? Then you should probably hit their retail stores. The device costs $399 with a 2 year contract and is available unsubsidized for $599. But in any case you want to pre-order one right away from Amazon, get ready to shell out $50 more. Amazon has just put up their T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab up for pre-order at $699 – that’s still $50 lower than the original retail price of $749 and is unsubsidized.

So what does the pre-order mean? It means your device won’t arrive until the 10th of November. Amazon notes that the Tab will be officially released on November 9 and give one day for shipping which means you should get the device by the 10th.

The Galaxy Tab is available at a range of different prices depending on where you are purchasing them from. Check out our Galaxy Tab page for the other prices.

Launch & Price Of Samsung Galaxy Tab On Sprint Confirmed

Folks at Boy Genius Report have got on hand a nice scoop. Earlier this month, they had revealed from a source that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab on Sprint would cost $399 on subsidy and that this device would launch on November 14. These details now stand confirmed.

In an official statement from Sprint, the carrier has revealed that customers signing up a two year contract shall be able to get hold of a Galaxy Tab at a price of $399.99. Users signing up the 3G contract will have to shell out a minimum of $29.99 per month for data.

While the launch is scheduled for November 14, Sprint has however opened up their stores for pre-order. Starting today, you can walk into any Sprint store to make a reservation. Of course, online alternatives are also available and you can check out Sprint’s Galaxy Tab page for more information.

Price Of Wi-Fi Only Samsung Galaxy Tab On Best Buy Revealed

Who knew a Wi-Fi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab was on the way. Best Buy, it appears, is prepping up for the launch of one such device starting next month when the new Android tablet from Samsung will launch in the United States. From what we hear, this Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Tab will be available at a price of $499 – that very same starting price that the iPad is available at. This device will include storage of up to 32GB using expandable memory.

Besides the Wi-Fi only version, Best Buy is also learned to be offering 3G enabled versions of the tablet that the users may sign up with Verizon and Sprint. While it is still unconfirmed, it is likely that the AT&T and T-Mobile variants of the Tab will also be available for purchase.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab Launch Date Revealed?

Folks at TmoNews are at it yet again. After we heard from them last week that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab was launching on T-Mobile at an unsubsidized price of $649 and with a two year contract for $349, we are now hearing more details – about the launch date.

According to the website’s sources, T-Mobile could be taking on competition from Verizon quite sneakily by launching their device on November 10 – just a day ahead of the official launch day for the Galaxy Tab on Verizon. The report comes from a leaked screenshot of promo materials that the website was able to conjure up. While this leaked promo material has a TBD (To Be Decided) against the selling price, TmoNews stands by its earlier claims on pricing.

We are less than three weeks away from the rumored dates and so expect some official announcements on this pretty soon. It will be interesting to see what T-Mobile comes up with.

Samsung Galaxy Tab On Verizon – Data Price Plans & Launch Details

After network providers like Sprint and T-Mobile confirmed their plans to carry the new Samsung Galaxy Tab, Verizon has now announced its plans to offer data services to the Android tablet in the American market. According to a press statement released by the company, the Samsung Galaxy Tab shall be available on the Verizon network at a price of $599.99 that is without any contractual obligation or need to buy a data plan. That is, at $600 you can use your Galaxy Tab like it was a Wi-Fi only device. At an additional monthly cost of $20, you can buy 1GB of data to use the Tab while on the move or at places where you do not have a Wi-Fi connection.

Verizon is expected to bring the new Android 2.2 tablet to the market starting November 11. So that’s just over three weeks from now. You can check out the data plans from Sprint by clicking here.

Official List Of Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories Announced (With Prices)

Those of you looking forward to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab can also choose to buy one of the several new accessories that come with the Android tablet. Samsung has officially unveiled a dozen accessories that can complement the Galaxy Tab at home, work or on travel. Like the tablet itself, the accessories too are priced pretty steeply. But then, that was expected, right?

Here is a list of accessories, and their prices for the UK market where the Galaxy Tab is set to release in ten days from now.

  • Keyboard dock with charger and audio jack for £69.99
  • Multimedia Desk Dock with HDMI jack and 3.5mm speaker jack for £39.99
  • Notebook/Stand case made of leather which can be used to prop up the Tab for £29.99
  • Leather Slip case for £24.99
  • D30 Silicon/Gel case for £19.99
  • Portable Speakers for £19.99
  • Headphones in black or white for £19.99
  • Samsung High Speed Class 4 2GB to 8GB MicroSDHC memory cards for £8.99 to £23.99
  • Travel Adapter for the UK for £34.99
  • USB Data cable for £14.99
  • TV-out cable for £14.99
  • In-car charger for £24.99

Is there anything in the list that you are so eager to get?