Apple iTunes Integrating With Safari To Increase Browser Market Share?

This is a rumor that you must take with loads of skepticism. Folks at a popular podcast show have claimed that Apple could be working on integrating its popular iTunes service with its Safari web browser in a bid to spike up the market share of the latter.

According to the source, the company may have already thwarted its plans to build cloud-based iTunes service that would be accessible from any browser. Instead, the new plans will make Safari the only browser that could load the music service. The source further adds,

“Moving iTunes organizational side-bar into Safari isn’t a monumental task. Safari would skyrocket in use as a result of integrating the software titles together.”

The news-quote appears dubious not just because of the untrusted source. It’s also because Apple might not be hedging its iTunes market share in its bid to improve Safari’s market share. Although iTunes is a pretty popular application, the software is pretty bulky and might not be ideally suited for use as an internet browsing application – something that would require it to be pretty lightweight.

In any case, this is a very interesting rumor and we look forward to such a move sometime down the line. An announcement in this regard is expected around the iPod Touch media event in September. That’s a long time from now and hopefully, we will hear a lot more in this regard by then.

New Gmail Web App For iPhone Launched

If you have been regularly checking your Gmail account over Mobile Safari on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you may have realized that the application loads new messages much faster than it used to. That’s because Google has just released a new version of the web application that is, in their words, snappier. This is not the only change that Google says it has made.

The new look Gmail app for Mobile Safari now also scrolls at a speed that is reflective of the swiping gesture. Make a quick swipe and you get down to the bottom of the list faster. Apart from this, the toolbars on top now stay fixed at their position unlike earlier times where they would float down and up after every scroll.

You can check these new changes right away on your iPhone or iPod Touch by hitting on your mobile Safari. Do you like it?

Apple Safari 5.0.2 Now Available For Download

Apple has released the latest update to its browser application. The new Safari 5.0.2 fixes a number of security issues that were observed in the earlier version. Announcing the launch, Apple has said that the new browser version shall include update that will

  • fix an issue that prevented users from submitting web forms
  • fix an issue that displayed Google image search results incorrectly when Flash 10.1 was installed
  • offer a secure access to Safari Extensions Gallery

Though it has not been explicitly mentioned, the new software is also believed to have fixed a number of issues that could have helped hackers execute malicious code on the browser.

If you are looking to download the latest version of the Apple Safari browser, you can do so by checking the Apple menu. Cupertino has also published a support document outlining the various queries that you may find here.

Safari 5 Reader Functionality To Improve Reading On Web

Among the several things rumored to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) today is a brand new Safari 5 web browser. The new Safari browser is expected to come with several new features. For instance, Safari 5 will render JavaScript 25% faster. As it has been rumored earlier, Bing and Yahoo will join Google in the list of search engines that users may search from. There are several more added features as you can see from the screenshots below, but the most significant is a new “reader” icon that users may press to be able to read articles on the web in a single clutter-free page.

Safari 5 web browser

Safari 5 web browser

What does that mean? There is not much information at the moment. My presumption is that the Reader shall be translate all the main textual content of a website into a PDF-like format without the banners, ads and navigational text so that users may read as they would be doing on an ebook.

It is also possible that Apple incorporates iAd into this whole set up somehow. We will have to wait and watch.

[via 9to5Mac]

Apple Search Deal With Google Worth $100 Million

There were recent rumors about Apple replacing the Google search box on iPhone’s native Safari web browser with Microsoft’s Bing. It was being speculated that the deal with Bing was a short-term one – only until Apple develops its own search engine.

Business Insider has now quoted its sources as revealing that there is no truth in these rumors. It is being said that Apple has no intentions to venture into a business that is so heavily dominated by Google. As a matter of fact, the Apple Google search deal is said to be close to $100 – far too much money that Apple might not want to give away for its own search engine.

While it does make sense, it still does not appear to be the complete story. For one, Apple’s acquisitio of Quattro Wireless may not be strategically fulfilling if it were to be restricted to just ads alongside apps. With the launch of iPad, there is a serious potential for internet browsing to move away from open platforms towards closed platforms like the iPad. Under such a scenario, Apple could be losing out on a lucrative market if it did not venture into search.

So as things stand, we would like to treat the source’s denial with a bit of skepticism at the moment.

[via Silicon Alley Insider]