Clearwire Rover Pay-As-You-Go Internet Pricing Revealed

Clearwire has launched its new PAYG mobile internet service that will enable users to enjoy 4G internet connectivity of speeds between 3Mbps to 6Mbps with maximum burst speed reaching 10Mbps. The new service allows unlimited data usage at a price of $5 for a day’s subscription, $20 for a week and $50 for a month.

Users will however need to purchase one of the two Rover dongles to start browsing the 4G internet. The Rover Solo will be available at a price of $99 which Rover Puck – that allows up to 8 devices to be connected to the service – will sell at $149. Both the devices can now be purchased in the US market via Best Buy, Clearwire stores or from the Rover website.

With unlimited data usage plans, the Rover service is sure to find a lot of interested buyers. However, with monthly plans being offered at $50 a month, customers may find them a bit on the higher side since several network carriers offer data plans at much competitive rates.