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How To Root Sony Ericsson X10 Mini and Mini Pro

So, the rooting software for Sony Ericsson X10 Mini and Mini Pro is officially out and kudos to the folks at XDA Developers once again. To get started though, you may require some significant understanding with adb and terminal commands. The rooting application makes use of the same hack that was used in the root for Motorola Droid X.

If you are ready to get started, click here to download the ZIP file for the X10 root software. Once done, enable USB debugging on your phone by visiting Settings>Applications>Development and then connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable. You may then have to key in a series of terminal commands that you can find here.

While rooting the phone definitely sounds exciting, please note the standard disclaimers. Rooting your Sony Ericsson X10 Mini or Mini Pro may void your phone’s warranty besides permanently bricking the device. So, it’s always a good idea to be sure of what you are attempting to do.

Nevertheless, should you try this method out, why don’t you tell us how it works in the comments section below.

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How To Tether Samsung Vibrant Without Rooting The Handset?

The sad part about having unlimited 3G data plans is that most of these plans come with no option to tether. This is understandable considering that wireless bandwidth is really limited and so such carriers cannot afford such extensive use of wireless data without compromising on network quality. A lot of users though, root their handsets, to enable such functionality. The compromise lies in running the risk of bricking your mobile phone.

If you own a Samsung Vibrant however, you can enable tethering on your smartphone without having to actually root your device. Folks at SamsungVibrantHacks have come up with this simple trick that will enable you to do so. Do note that this method will only work with Windows XP and Windows 7 based computers. So if you are a Mac freak – sorry, wait longer.

To get started, you will need the USB cable that will connect your Samsung Vibrant to the Windows-based computer. You can use Samsung’s Kies software to enable the tethering functions. To reiterate that this will only work on Vibrant and not the other Galaxy S cousins, remember to connect to for the APN name and *99# for the phone number. Don’t get it? Check out the video below.

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How To Root/Unroot Motorola Droid-X In One Simple Click

Jailbreaking is a popular activity among iPhone users wishing to get adventurous with their handsets. However, thanks to the more open nature of the Android OS, users on the Android powered handsets do not have such a need. However, if you are the kind who finds it exciting to run your handset in administrator mode, thereby being able to run scripts and alter the system files, you may probably want to root your Android device. The sad part though, is that you run the risk of bricking your $500 handset should something go wrong.

Thankfully, Motorola Droid-X users now have a simple one-click solution. Just download this application to your computer, plug in your Droid X and choose whether to root or unroot. Yes, that’s exactly what it takes.

Rooting Motorola Droid-X

But point to note here – This application only works on Windows computers and so if you are of the Mac variety, I’m sorry.

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How To Root Droid-X? Step-By-Step Instructions Outed

Oh, it was only last week that I had written about the eFuse security system on the new Verizon Droid-X that could potentially brick your phone should you attempt a system root. Motorola went to great lengths to convince users that those allegations were untrue.

Motorola must stand vindicated. The Droid-X has just been rooted. Folks at the DroidX Forums have announced that the Motorola Droid-X can now be rooted via a simple 12 step process that involves the following

  • Setting up an Android Debug Bridge
  • Pushing exploid to the SQLlite statement journals
  • Change permissions on the exploid
  • Access rootshell
  • Mound SDCard and push the superuser files to the root

Of course you can find the comprehensive tutorial and answers to your questions at the Droid X forums. Do let us know if you have successfully rooted your device. Will help those who are still paranoid about bricking their new phone.


Root Your Android Phone In Three Steps

The iPhone jailbreakers are a well thriving community headed by experts like Geohot and the Dev team. While the availability of a more open ecosystem on the Android has meant that users looking to root their Android handsets are not in great numbers, there is still a demand for it since rooting your Android handset will help you install customized ROMs that will add speed and stability to your handset.

Here is a three step process to root your Android phone (including Motorola Droid, Nexus One, etc.)

Step 1 : Download and extract the Superboot zip file to your computer

Step 2 : Put your handset in bootloader mode. To do so, turn off your phone, remove the battery, plug in the USB cable and reinsert the battery when the battery icon appears. Now switch on the power button while holding down the camera button. Alternately, if you have a trackball on your handset, simply turn off the phone and turn it back on while pressing and holding the trackball.

Note : This does not work for Nexus One users. These users may click here

Step 3 : If you are on Windows, double click “install-superboot-windows.bat” file.

Mac users need to open the terminal window to the folder containing the files and have to type

chmod +x

followed by


Linux users need to open the terminal window to the folder and type

chmod +x

followed by


The rooting is complete.