Sales Of Roku Vs Apple TV – Roku Doubles Sales After Apple TV Launch

The second generation Apple TV may have appealed to quite a lot of people considering that the set-top box was available at a pretty low $99. But read into the details and you will know that getting yourself locked into iTunes for a television experience is not always a good idea.

Perhaps that is what help Roku get a massive bump in sales ever since Apple TV 2nd gen launched. In a statement Anthony Wood, the CEO at Roku dismissed suggestions that the new Apple TV could eat away Roku’s market and instead suggested that Apple’s launch and the subsequent promotions helped Roku make itself more visible to the consumers. And the result? Wood says that Roku has managed to double their sales ever since the latest Apple TV launched.

Roku is expected to sell their one millionth unit by the end of this year.

Watch Full HD Movies On Roku XR With New Update

Digital video player company, Roku has announced a fresh update to their Roku XR line of players that will bring 1080p HD video streaming to the $80 device. This will make Roku XR capable of streaming videos at the same resolution as the $100 XD|S box. From what we hear, the other Roku models, namely, Roku SD and Roku HD will not be receiving this update.

So here is how you update to this new format – Navigate to Settings -> Player Info -> Check for Updates. You can now download and install the software update to begin streaming full high definition movies on Roku.

The update is presumably in a bid to enhance the appeal of the digital video player during the holiday shopping season. As you can see, the update will mean users can now make full use of theirĀ Netflix andĀ Amazon subscriptions to watch high quality movies on demand over their Roku boxes.

Watch Hulu On Roku Media Player Soon [RUMOR]

If recent rumors are to be believed, Roku media players will soon allow users to stream television shows directly from the Hulu network. According to reports, the two companies may have signed an agreement to bring the service to the new platform. It is not clear if this agreement, assuming it’s true, is an exclusive one, though that appears to be the most logical option.

While this rumor will definitely get Roku customers excited, it needs to be taken with a large grain of salt for the moment. For one, the Hulu management has for long opposed to such platforms citing lowering margins. That’s one primary reason why Apple’s negotiations with NBC for Apple TV streaming broke down. Under such circumstances, it makes absolutely no sense for Hulu to sign up a similar deal with Roku.

Nevertheless, with companies neither confirming or denying these speculations, we will have to watch out for how the news pans out in coming days.

Prices Of Roku SD Box, HD Box & HD-XR Reduced

Television entertainment is definitely the next big thing with Google, Apple and their likes expected to launch their new products in this space over the next few weeks. This is definitely going to be a challenge for smaller niche players in the industry like Roku and the company is already gearing up for the challenge by getting aggressive in its pricing plans.

So here are the new prices for the Roku gizmos. The Roku SD Box will now cost $59 – down from $79. The Roku HD Box is now available at $69 instead of $99 and the Roku HD-XR is now priced $99 – down $30 from #129. The HD-XR is in fact expected to get a few more features like 1080p streaming and USB playback support soon.

See a pattern in these new prices? Roku has ensured that none of their devices are priced more than $99 – the rumored price of the upcoming Apple TV set-top box, tentatively called the iTV that is expected to be announced at a media event tomorrow.

Watch Free Movie Trailers On TV With Roku

Internet based movie streaming service Roku has announced that their customers will now be able to watch unlimited trailers of unreleased and released movies over their digital media player thanks to a newly signed partnership with Flickster.

The new partnership will give Roku customers access to Flickster’s entire database of movie trailers. The company has said that the service is integrated with other Roku offerings so that customers may seamlessly watch trailers and immediately choose to purchase the movie from Roku partners like Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand. Movie ratings from Rotten Tomatoes shall also be provided to customers.

The terms of the deal has not been announced and so it is unclear how Flixster stands to benefit from the deal. Nevertheless, this is a great addition to the Roku portfolio which customers are sure to appreciate.

Play iTunes Music And Movies On TV With Roku

Popular digital video player, Roku has announced a partnership with the music locker service, MP3Tunes that will allow users to play music and movies purchased via iTunes on their television. This can be done by uploading music and video content from the users’ iTunes to an MP3Tunes locker. The new partnership will enable the Roku player to create an open SDK that will integrate with MP3Tunes locker API to interact with the videos and music uploaded by the user to their MP3tunes account. Consequently, you may stream music and video from your iTunes library on to your TV.

So does this cost money? Of course. For the time being though, users may get a $20 discount on Roku HD or Roku HD-XR along with a free, premium 50GB MP3tunes locker.

Sounds like a good deal? Chirp away in the comments.