Best Buy RocketFish Tablet To Feature Android 2.2 & Front Camera?

Best Buy has been serving its customers rebranded electronics under its Rocketfish brand. We now hear that the company could be launching a new Android tablet PC under the Rocketfish name. According to a report on CrunchGear, the Rocketfish Android tablet could look a lot like the upcoming HP Slate (tentatively called PalmPad) that will however run on WebOS or Windows 7.

There are not too many specs to discuss right now though. What we however know is that the device will feature a front-facing camera and Google’s latest Android 2.2 OS version. There is no word about the price and launch date either.

Here are some pictures of the new Rocketfish tablet shared by Best Buy CTO, Robert Stephens.

Rocketfish Tablet PC

Rocketfish Tablet

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