Best Laptops For Women – Which One Is Most Feminine?

This is a guest article by Stephaine Larsson. Stephaine is a professional laptop reviewer and writes for

The whole theory about men, women and their differences takes too long to digest, and write. The basic conclusion would be there ARE differences between a man and a woman’s taste. Especially when it comes to technology and gadgets, women tend to prefer theirs to be stylish while men would prefer theirs to have more features that they can handle. We are not about to immerse into the differences between Mars and Venus, sorry, men and women but we will take a look at what types of laptops women prefer the most.

Most of the brands around, after having established their status properly in the market, they tend to move on to focus more on manufacturing feminine laptops so that the softer gender wouldn’t feel left out thus embracing the brands. One thing for sure, it’s very difficult to cater to the taste of a woman, let alone millions of women. Most women prefer laptops that are easy to carry and most importantly, it should not be heavy. Sleek and slim are how women want their laptops to be.


Dell Inspiron Mini 10

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 ultraportable laptop comes in a variety of colors that are similar to the colors present in a woman’s makeup kit. The Inspiron Mini 10 works on the Intel Atom N450 processor at 1.66 GHz and comes with either a 10.1-inch display with standard (1024×600) or High Definition (1366×768) display. It has every simple feature a woman would want in her device, WiFi, Bluetooth, long-lasting battery and Windows 7. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 ultraportable laptop appeals to women as it’s light and is simple to use.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 review

Apple MacBook Air

This is the one laptop where women tend to forget about the ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ rule. The Apple MacBook Air is the ultimate laptop for women. It is the world’s lightest and thinnest laptop, easy to fit in today’s handbags. The MacBook Air has all the features a woman would want. It suits both a professional female user and a simple housewife. It comes with a 13.3-inch display and works on the Intel Core 2 Duo processor. There’s enough battery life to keep the iChat conversations going. Last word, good looks don’t come cheap!

LG X120

LG simply had to be on this list. The South Korean brand is known to manufacture products that are most likely to appeal to women. The ultraportable LG X120 laptop is small, slim and elegant. With its classy looks, the X120 can fit in any situation or environment. Sporting a 10.1-inch LED backlit display, this device has the simple features that will keep its female users happy. Among them are 3G connection, 1.3 megapixel camera, USB connection and a full-size keyboard. After all, style is important for women no?

Sony Vaio Z Series

This list would have been incomplete without naming the Sony Vaio laptops. From the Sony Vaio laptops, we have chosen the Z Series as the women’s choice. The Z series laptops look big but they are about the same size as Apple’s Mac Book Air laptops, screen-wise. The 13.1-inch Z series laptops are equipped with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor and dual solid state drives. The Z series laptops are very attractive and sleek devices. Also featured on the Z series laptops is a backlit LED keyboard that is set to light up your world. The fact that the Sony Vaio Z Series laptops work on Windows 7 Ultimate makes it even more appealing to women.

X2 StyleBook

Two laptops that might seem outdated but needed to be on this list are the Tulip E-Go and the X2 StyleBook laptops. Both were created with women in mind. The X2 StyleBook laptop comes in a nice shade of pink plus it can fit in your handbag. The Tulip E-Go laptop has a more suitcase-style to it and looks great to carry around. Both laptops were released in 2005.

HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition

The HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition is specially designed for women all around. It is a feminine version of the HP Mini 1000 ultraportable laptop. Covered in red floral pattern, this 10-inch display comes with many appealing features including Bluetooth. The price for the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition is along the lines of $700. We did say good looks don’t come cheap but at least it’s cheaper than the MacBook Air.

HP Vivienne review

As we are nearing the end on this list, we have gathered the three ideal laptops for women, laptops that a woman would wish to own.

HP Perfume

The name itself smells good. The HP Perfume comes in a nice transparent design. It glows and acts as a room freshener too.

HP Nobag

The HP Nobag comes with looks that kill, that is if looks could kill. This laptop is not your everyday laptop and it rightfully doesn’t look so. It comes with an OLED screen and touch sensors, ideal for the professional women on the run. Speaking of which, it does remind us of the baton used in running competitions.

HP Eco

The last on this list is the HP Eco laptop. Since women are the most caring gender on this planet, it is only fair that there is a laptop that screams ‘I care about our environment’ and who better to hold the torch than a woman. Covered in a green case to celebrate eco-friendliness, the Eco laptop is powered by solar chargeable cells. Together with this laptop comes a bracelet that is used to control the pulse and blood pressure of this device. Again, who better to control one’s health: Women!

HP Eco review

There you have it, a whole list of different choices of laptops for women of different style and taste. Every single laptop on this list is different and unique in its own ways. Spot your favorite yet? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments.