US DVD Rental Service RedBox Streaming Movies Soon

Like Netflix, RedBox too has made its name as a DVD rental company in the United States. And like Netflix, the company too plans to slowly move away from DVD rental to movie streaming. The company has announced that it will be entering the movie streaming business starting 2011. There is no word on who the streaming partner will be and whether RedBox intends to pursue a subscription plan model like Netflix. But from the looks of it, the company could well offer a subscription plan. A survey conducted by RedBox among customers in April this year had asked for their opinion on a $3.95 monthly plan that would include unlimited streaming in addition four free DVD rentals.

RedBox could be exploring a competitive offering to take on Netflix. The latter has been working on a streaming-only future for its business in the US. By offering a cheaper monthly subscription that additionally offers free DVD rentals, RedBox could drastically rise its competitive advantage over its rival.