Now Buy HTC EVO Shift 4G At Radio Shack, Best Buy & Sam’s Club

After a week or two of speculation, the new HTC EVO Shift 4G is now finally available for purchase over a Sprint network. This FroYo running device can now be purchased at one of the Best Buy, Sam’s Club or Radio Shack stores at the earlier speculated price of $149. This is with a two year contract.

I do not know if this was all a planned leak, but it definitely appears to be so. We first got to know about the price of this new Android handset from a leaked Best Buy inventory snapshot. This was soon followed by a leak from the stables of Wal-Mart that gave us an idea about the tech specs that this device will come equipped with. And finally, the launch date was captured via a Radio Shack memo yesterday. That completes all the three retailers that the EVO Shift will be available on starting today.

HTC EVO Shift 4G On Radio Shack Launch Today?

There have been a deluge of leaks with respect to the upcoming variant of HTC EVO – the Shift 4G. We already know that the device will be a slider keyboard variant of the original EVO with a smaller 3.7″ display and will run on Android 2.2 operating system. The entire specification list was recently made available on Wal-Mart’s partner website when we also confirmed that Sprint is likely to be the carrier for this Android smartphone.

Now, according to a new rumor, the EVO Shift 4G Android 2.2 smartphone could be launching as early as today. According to a leaked memo purporting to be from Radio Shack, the device shall be available on the Radio Shack shelves starting January 6. The memo reads,

“The Shift 4G cannot be offered until January 6, so if you receive inventory before Thursday, please secure it in your backroom and do not sell it or put it on display until that day

Now that we are already on D-Day, why not check out the neighborhood Radio Shack store and let us know if you find the new Android device on display on their shelves in the comments below.

HTC EVO Shift 4G Price On Best Buy Confirmed

Radio Shack has announced the price of the next generation HTC EVO phone. In an official promo launched by the company, the retailer has priced the HTC EVO Shift 4G phone at $149.99. It is worth noting that we had been speculating the same price since last week after a leaked Best Buy screenshot revealed the price of the EVO Shift.

HTC EVO Shift will be available at the aforementioned price after signing up a two year service contract with Sprint. Those looking for SIM-free versions will need to pay up $449.99 for the handset. If you are a fan of the large screen on the current HTC EVO variant, do note that the Shift will come with a relatively smaller 3.6″ display.


The HTC EVO Shift 4G phone is rumored to launch on January 9, 2011 although there is no official announcement as yet. We will await the same.

Buy iPhone 4/3GS From Radio Shack On $50 Discount

American retailer Radio Shack has announced a limited time promotion for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS units that will bring these units to customers at a discount of $50. The promotion begins on December 4 and shall run through the week till December 11. The deal is only applicable on new units and not on the refurbished phones and in case it wasn’t obvious enough – you need to sign up for a new two year contract to be eligible for the deal.

The offer details are not over yet. There are more attractive offerings to be had if you already own an iPhone 3G or 3GS unit. Radio Shack has launched a new “Trade and Save” offer that will credit you with $75 and $125 respectively when you trade in one of these devices in return for a new purchase. That means, if you trade in an iPhone 3GS, you can buy a new 16GB iPhone 4 for as low as $24.99 while the 32GB variant will cost you $124.99.

Of course, it goes without saying that these devices that are traded in need to be in working condition and cannot act like bricks.

Price Of T-Mobile G2 On Radio Shack Cheaper Than Best Buy’s

A couple of days back, Best Buy announced that they are opening their stores for T-Mobile G2 pre-orders. The device, that is expected to hit the American market on October 6, was priced at $199 in the Best Buy announcement.

Now Best Buy’s rival in the United States – Radio Shack – has gone on the offensive and has opened their preorder for a much discounted price of $150. A tweet from the retailer reads,

The T-Mobile G2 with Google is coming to @RadioShack. Only $149.99 with 2-yr agreement (instant rebate!). Stay tuned for info.

The difference in pricing is pretty wide and this would mean Best Buy too would be forced to give in and announce a discounted pre-order price to customers. But since not much information is available from the Shack’s end, we would assume that this is only going to be a limited time offer and the price of G2 shall move up to $199 as soon as the company gets the necessary mileage. In that case, it will be interesting to see how Best Buy will respond.

HTC Intruder – Same As Liberty Or Aria?

What we know is that a new Android 2.1 based HTC handset is making its way to the AT&T store. But what we do not know is the name. We first heard about HTC Aria which was speculated to launch of June 7.

However, when the launch date arrived, we heard that another HTC handset – the HTC Liberty was coming to AT&T. Today, a screenshot from an AT&T Inventory system shows a third – HTC Intruder. The screenshot was apparently taken at a Radio Shack.

Are these three devices one and the same? There is no word about it. The HTC Intruder is priced $129 on a two year contract and comes at $699 off-contract.

[via Android Community]