Jailbreak iPhone 4 On iOS 4.3 Beta With PwnageTool

If you have been following the iOS jailbreak scene, you will be aware that Apple had recently released a beta version of its iOS 4.3 firmware that among other things brings personal mobile hotspot to GSM variants of the iPhone. Now, if you are a developer who has signed up to the iPhone Developer Standard/Enterprise programs, you may already have access to this upcoming iOS firmware in beta variant that you can install on your iPhone.

Now a new custom PwnageTool bundle that can jailbreak this beta version of iOS 4.3 is now out for those of you interested. Do note that the procedure is extremely complicated and do not proceed unless you are an advanced user (if you have access to the Developer Standard program, you probably are already one!). The creators have pointed out that you will need a Mac for the process. Also, the PwnageTool bundle for iOS 4.3 beta requires users to create their own ramdisk and will not upgrade baseband during the jailbreak process. Also, it is a semi-tethered jailbreak and you can find the downloadable here.

In any case, this is a complicated procedure and do not proceed unless you are well aware of the potential consequences.

iPhone Unlock GPS Signal Issue – Fix For Downgrading Baseband Coming Soon

If you are one of those iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS users who have been experiencing problems with GPS signal connectivity since unlocking your iDevice with the latest version of RedSn0w or PwnageTool, then some fix to the problem may be coming soon.

Folks at the iPhone Dev Team have indicated that they have been working on a solution that will let these iPhone 3G and 3GS users to downgrade their iPhone baseband from the new 06.15.00 back to 05.15.04. While there is no clear indication on how this works, we do assume that the baseband downgrade will still keep these iPhones unlocked.

You may recall that the latest iPhone unlock solution works by upgrading the baseband of the iPhones to the original iPad firmware that was seen to be vulnerable to an exploit. Now if the baseband is downgraded, there is also a likelihood for the phone to get locked back.

There is no clarity on this as yet. We will get you some more info when we get it.

iPhone Unlock Causing GPS Crash & Signal Issue

The iPhone Dev team recently released the latest unlocking tool for iPhone 3G and 3GS devices running the latest version 4.2 of the operating system. The unlocking solution was made possible with the help of a known exploit that the iPad’s original firmware was learned to be still vulnerable to. You can read all about the unlock in our earlier article here.

Since the release of the unlock, several users have complained that the application seems to be breaking the iPhone’s GPS software. Users have noted that the unlock either causes the iPhone to crash or cause the GPS to lose signals. In an update to their announcement, the iPhone Dev team had noted,

“Unlockers have been reporting mixed results about GPS functionality at 06.15.00.  Until we can track down what differentiates those who retain GPS vs. those who lose it, be conservative and assume you’ll lose GPS at 06.15.00.  As we work on finding the cause (and possibly a fix), please report your personal findings in our comments section. (Update: early indications are that while 06.15.00 is capable of GPS, it will require some further hacks.  But please still be conservative and assume you will lose GPS at 06.15, in case the hacks don’t work).”

Apparently, the team is still at work at deciphering the missing links and notes that the issue is not due to the limitations of 06.15. In a recent tweet, popular jailbreaker from the Dev Team, MuscleNerd has written,

“We’re working on a fix for those who see the problem (it’s not a limitation of 06.15, we know that much)”

We will let you know if and when a fix becomes available.

Download Free Carrier Unlock For iPhone 3G(S) With iOS 4.2.1 Now

The iPhone Dev team has announced that a free carrier unlock for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS models is now available for download. The new unlock exploits the same AT+XAPP vulnerability that was used in the earlier unlock. Apparently, the first iPad firmware – version 3.2.2 with baseband version 06.15.00 is still vulnerable to the older exploit.

So the latest unlock basically needs your iPhone to download the IPSW of this iPad firmware (which incidentally is quite compatible) and then carry out the rest of the unlocking instructions.

If you are a Mac user, you can go ahead and check out for the instructions to carry out the PwnageTool unlocking process here. Windows users can instead choose to check out instructions for RedSn0w from the same link above.