PlayStation Plus Priced At $49.99 A Year

As we had expected, Sony is out with its announcement on the new PlayStation Plus subscription service at E3. Unveiling the new service, Sony has said that the subscription will get users “hundreds of dollars of products” every year.

What do these Plus users receive? For starters, the first three months for free. These users may get access to exclusive demos, trailers, DLC and beta version of new releases. The cost is set at $49.99 for a year of subscription and $17.99 for three months.

This sounds like a good deal – at least, better than what we had earlier thought.

[via Engadget]

Sony PSN+ Subscription Service To Launch At E3

Earlier this month, we had written about a Premium PSN that could be launched by Sony next month at E3. The service, that was expected to cost $70 a year, was expected to bring a free new game to the user besides offering a Spotify-like music streaming service to the PlayStation Network.

Now, there are more confirmed rumors about the service. According to a report on Joystiq, the service shall be labeled PSN+ and it will include a lot more things than just a music streaming service. Here is what we hear are the offerings

  • Rotating list of PSP Mini and PSone Classic games
  • Exclusive In-Game downloadable content
  • PlayStation Store discount
  • Full access to retail titles for one hour, dubbed “first hour” demo
  • PlayStation Protection Plan
  • Cross-Game Voice Chat
  • Cloud-based saving system
  • Auto-Patching feature for automatic installation of updates

The pricing is expected to be around $9.99 a month which is pretty higher than earlier speculations.

[via Joystiq]

Premium PSN Service : Features And Price

Rumors are doing the rounds that a Premium PSN service may be unveiled by Sony next month on the sidelines of E3. According to sources, the premium service will not be a forced upgrade to existing PSN users and shall be completely optional. However, the features are pretty good that there is likely to be a good number of takers.

For one, users may be offered to download a new Playstation game every month for free. Sony is likely to offer a choice of 3-4 games for the users to choose from. Secondly, the service is likely to bring a music streaming service on the lines of Spotify to PSN. Details are sketchy, but I believe you get the idea.

And the price? A good £50 ($70) per year. That’s less than $6 a month, technically. But how many would be willing to go for the upgrade? Will you?

[via VG247]