Syabas PopBox On Sale – Price And Features Review

Remember PopBox – the HD media player from Syabas that was expected to hit the virtual shelves of Amazon on July 23? So the word is out that the device is now already on sale. Several users who had pre-ordered a device have been notified that their PopBox has now been shipped.

So, in case you are a late bloomer and still wondering what this one brings, here is a recap – PopBox builds upon the media player from Popcorn Hour into a more consumer friendly format that integrates support for Picasa, Youtube, Twitter, Shoutcast, Revision3 and Clicker. Netflix is still conspicuously absent though we’ve heard that this is only for the time being.

What more? PopBox includes compatibility for RealID 3D content, HDMI video component outputs, 100Mbps bitrate and 1080p video. Now, all of this costs $129. Think it’s worth it? Check out the Amazon store right away.

PopBox HD Media Player Features & Launch Date

Syabas technology has announced that the new HD Media Player from their stables, the PopBox, shall be making its way to the stores in just a few weeks from now. In all likelihood, the PopBox HD Media player should be available on Amazon beginning July 23. We are not sure if a pre-order is going to be made available. Also, absolutely no word on the pricing as yet.

So what are you going to get on PopBox? Well, while there are several things to get impressed, we must make it clear that the new PopBox does not contain support for Netflix. Netflix online streaming is becoming an increasingly standard feature on media players with it being offered on devices like the Popcorn Hour, Roku, Western Digital among others.

Nevertheless, PopBox is expected to be preloaded with plenty of games. Also, the HD media player will be integrated with Picasa, Youtube, Twitter, Shoutcast, Revision3 and Clicker. PopBox supports RealD 3D content and contains HDMI and component video outputs. So as you see, do not discard this choice just because it lacks Netflix.