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PlayStation Move Vs. Wii Remote – Controller Location Tracking

The Sony PlayStation Move was just recently launched and folks at iFixit – the DIY repair company have already published a teardown analysis of the new motion controller from Sony. While the teardown itself makes for an interesting study, one of the more standout revelations is in the way PlayStation Move differs from Wii Remote with respect to the controller location tracking technology.

According to iFixit, the method used on both these consoles is vastly different. The Wii Remote contains an IR sensor. This is used in conjunction with the IR emitters placed near the TV so that the console can detect the movement of the Wii Remote using triangulation methods. The tracking methodology is basically two dimensional.

On the other hand, PlayStation Move tracks three dimensional movement. The PlayStation Eye camera recognizes the X/Y position of the glowing orb on the Move controller to detect two dimensional movement. In addition to this, the relative size of the orb is also tracked in order to measure the third dimension of movement.

PlayStation Move Vs. Wii Remote

In case you are wondering, Microsoft’s motion controller – the upcoming Kinect makes use of a webcam to track movements. Check out a comprehensive study of its technology here.

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Buy PlayStation Move Online Now At Amazon

Today is the official launch day for the new PlayStation Move from Sony. The accessory is already up on sale on the Amazon website at a price of $99.99. Not just that, if you are looking to buy the whole package, you can also check out the 320GB PlayStation 3 console with Move bundle at a price of $399.99. You can go ahead and make your purchase by clicking on the Amazon link here.

The official launch comes four days after PlayStation Move went on sale at the Best Buy stores ahead of the actual release date. As we had reported back then, customers in the Benton Harbor area of Michigan claimed to have made their purchase from their local BB store.

It will be interesting to see how the PlayStation Move is received by gamers. With Kinect launching in a couple of months from now, Sony will be keen to sell as many PS3 consoles bundled with Move as possible in order to counter Microsoft in the gesture-based gaming environment.

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PlayStation Move Now Available On Best Buy Stores

It has been quite a while since I wrote about the new PlayStation Move. The launch date was supposed to be September 15 in Europe and September 19 in USA. However, it now appears that at least one retailer may have jumped the gun. There are reports that Best Buy may have already begun stocking and selling the latest PlayStation accessory in their retail stores in United States. The new motion controller from Sony is learned to be at least available from the store in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

PlayStation Move is highly anticipated among PS 3 gamers and the latest rumors about the early launch is without doubt likely to create a rush of new visitors to Best Buy. But it will be interesting to see if Best Buy continues to sell or shelf them for now until the official release date happens.

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Killzone 3 For PlayStation 3 Video Preview Released

Guerilla Games – the developers of the popular Killzone game on Sony Playstation have released a video preview of the upcoming Killzone 3 . The video preview offers an interesting perspective on how the gaming features will change with the imminent arrival of PlayStation’s new motion controller, PlayStation Move.

In the preview, which we have embedded below, Guerilla Games show Killzone 3’s compatibility with Playstation Move, PS 3 3D gameplay, jetpacks, weapons and environments like Arctic, lethal alien jungle, nuclear wastelands and space.

Killzone 3 also introduces a new weapon in the form of WASP which is something like a multi-firing rocket launcher. According to reports, the new version of  Killzone will also feature a “close combat melee system” that will bring in newer forms of combat formats including multiple combo attacks.

Killzone 3 is slated for release in February 2011.

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List Of Sony PlayStation Move Games At Launch Revealed

It has been quite some time since we talked about Sony’s much touted PlayStation Move motion controller. You may recall our earlier announcements that the motion controller was supposed to launch in July this year – which was later corrected to September 2010.

So here is something that is more or less confirmed – Sony Playstation Move will launch only on October 21. That is the confirmed date at least for Japan. There is no word on whether Move will launch earlier in other markets. Nevertheless, Sony has confirmed that Playstation Move shall launch with six game titles at launch. They are

  • EyePet (SCEJ, ¥3,980)
  • Sports Champion (SCEJ, ¥3,980)
  • Beat Sketch (SCEJ, ¥2,980)
  • Fure! Fure! Bowling (aka High Velocity Bowling, SCEJ, ¥1,900)
  • Machi Suberi (aka Kung Fu Rider, SCEJ, ¥3,980)
  • Big 3 Gun Shooting (Namco Bandai, ¥6,279)

All these titles except the last one (Big 3 Gun Shooting) are Move-specific games. Following the launch, Sony is expected to make a few more gaming titles available. The list, along with the tentative date of release is here. Do note that all of these gaming titles are Move-specific.

  • Mugen Kairo Hikari to Kage no Hako (aka Echochrome, SCEJ, November, ¥3,980)
  • Nikudan (SCEJ, November, ¥3,980)
  • Move de Party (SCEJ, November, ¥3,980)
  • TV Superstars (SCEJ, December, ¥3,980)
  • Furi Furi! Sarugetchu (aka Ape Escape, SCEJ, 2010, price TBA)
  • Sorcery (SCEJ, 2011, price TBA)
  • Tower (SCEJ, 2011, price TBA)
  • The Shoot (SCEJ, 2011, price TBA)
  • Heroes on the Move (SCEJ, 2011, price TBA)

Sounds exciting? Or disappointed at the delay?

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Sony PlayStation Move Price And Launch Date Announced

After months of speculation, details about the new motion controller from Sony are finally coming out. The company has announced that the new motion controllerearlier speculated to be called PlayStation Arc – will be available from September – not July as earlier thought.

Here is all the info you need.

Launch dates
Europe : September 15
North America : September 19

Navigation controller alone : $19.99
PlayStation Move with bundle : $49.99
Sports Champion bundle (PS3, controller, Move and rest of bundle) : $399.99
Sports Champion without PS3 : $99.99
PlayStation Move Titles : $39.99 per title

Sony has also announced that several popular PS3 titles will now be Move-compatible. This will include games like Heavy Rain and Toy Story 3.

Are you planning to get one?

[via SlashGear]

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PlayStation Move Launch In July

Is PlayStation Move – an upcoming sport simulator using advanced motion sensing techniques – launching in July? South African retailer, BTGames, has popped ad advert that, among other things, claims that the PlayStation Move is launching in July. “Watch out for PlayStation Move. Coming this July”, is what the ad claims.

For one, the source may have some credibility. The retailer had broken the news about the launch of a 250GB XBox 360 Elite nearly two months prior to launch. Despite this, there are doubts regarding the claim because Sony is learned to have delayed the launch of PlayStation Move until Fall 2010.

Maybe this is all a big rumor game.

[via VG247]