FIFA On Facebook Coming Soon

At a time when there are speculations over Zynga moving their cash cow Farmville outside Facebook to a dedicated site, Electronic Arts, one of the long-time heavyweights in the gaming industry are taking their first baby steps towards integrating their games to the social media space.

According to EA CEO Peter Moore, a Facebook version of FIFA Superstars shall be developed by PlayFish, the company behind popular Facebook apps like Pet Society and Crazy Planet. Moore has said that the game shall “provide more great opportunities to bring hundreds of millions of new fans to compete against their friends to win the FIFA World Cup through an engaging interactive football experience“.

The partnership between EA and PlayFish is expected to integrate the former’s sports gaming knowledge with the latter’s experience in the social media space. The announcement comes close on the heels of another announcement from EA that the company intends to charge gamers for accessing the online content of their sports titles. The prices are expected to be in the range of $10 for access to online goodies.

[via Pocket Lint]