Update Brings Ping On iPad iTunes App

Apple has initiated an update to the back-end system of the iPad iTunes application that will bring the Ping music social network to the iPad. With this update, iPad users will notice a new Ping tab available at the bottom of the iTunes app if they have already authorized Ping for iTunes 10 on the desktop.

Like it is on the desktop, the Ping section on the iPad iTunes app is integrated with Twitter and lets the user to tweet out their favorite songs from the iTunes app itself. The Ping section will also let the users check on friend profiles, check out their Ping activity, etc.

The timing of this introduction is interesting as the new iOS 4.2 is speculated to launch very shortly. Apple is learned to have released a second GM build of iOS 4.2 to developers that apparently addresses a bug affecting Wi-Fi connectivity on the iPad.

iTunes 10.1 Preferences To Remove/Disable Ping Available

Apple launched its music social network Ping last month and although the application has taken off quite well, several users are not really a fan of this service and have been looking to remove the application from iTunes. If you have iTunes 10.0.1 installed on your computer, you could check out our terminal hack to disable Ping.

Such hacks are not needed with the latest iTunes software since Apple has made official provisions to not only hide Ping from iTunes, but also disable it completely. Here is how you would do it.

Hide Ping On iTunes 10.1

Launch iTunes and go to Edit -> Preferences. On the General tab, check off ‘Ping‘ in the Show section. That will remove the Ping sidebar from your view.

Disable Ping On iTunes 10.1

Follow the same steps as mentioned above. In addition to this, on the Preferences window, hit the ‘Parental‘ tab and click on ‘Ping‘ in the Disable section. You have now successfully disabled Ping from iTunes.

Apple’s Ping-Twitter Integration Could Use iTun.es For Shortening Links

Twitter announced yesterday about a partnership that it had struck with Apple that would integrate the company’s Ping Music-based social network service with the popular microblogging network. This integration would mean Ping users can link to their Twitter accounts to search for Ping users among their Twitter network as well as tweet to their followers about music that they like or are exploring.

We are now hearing about a possibility for Apple to make use of a native URL shortener script to let users share their activities on Ping over Twitter. MacRumors has discovered that the domain name itun.es is already in the posession of Apple and hence it is likely that the company makes use of this pretty URL for tweets from Ping. The domain name appears to have been purchased way back in 2006 and though it has stayed without much purpose until now, this could be the opportune moment for Apple to put the domain name to use.

How To Remove Ping Sidebar & Dropdown From iTunes 10.0.1 [Windows]

Apple has been celebrating the launch of their new Ping music social network claiming that millions of users have downloaded the new iTunes versions and are consequently happy Ping users. But to be fair, there are loads of users who are not really enamored by the intrusive networking features of Ping and shall be more than happy to remove the features from their iTunes application.

If you are a Windows user, this is what you will do. This is assuming your iTunes application is stored in the Program Files of C: drive. Firstly, launch the command prompt by navigating to Start -> Run and entering cmd

For users on 32-bit Windows (?)

To remove Ping dropdown
“C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt hide-ping-dropdown 1

To restore arrows on music list to take you to iTunes album listing
“C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt show-store-link-arrows 1

To disable Ping sidebar
“C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt disablePingSidebar 1

For users on 64-bit Windows

To remove Ping dropdown
“C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt hide-ping-dropdown 1

To restore arrows on music list to take you to iTunes album listing
“C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt show-store-link-arrows 1

To disable Ping sidebar
“C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt disablePingSidebar 1