Pandigital Novel Personal eReader Price And Features Announced

Pandigital has had a rough few months honing their Novel eReader. You may remember that the company’s initial launch of Pandigital Novel was beset by problems with broken Wi-Fi, slow processors and a poor eReader application. The company had to then recall their stocks to work on flaws so that they do not recur.

Four months on, it looks like Pandigital Novel personal eReader is finally ready to hit the shelves once again. The device comes with a 6″ Sipex/AUO ePaper, integrated Wi-Fi, access to Barnes & Noble ebookstore, accelerometer and a 2GB onboard storage expandable up to 32GB that will all come at a price of $200.

The Pandigital Novel eReader is expected to hit the retail chains in a few days time and the device will hopefully see a major price drop then. At this price point, it does not look really attractive, considering Barnes & Noble’s Nook is available for just $149.


Pandigital Novel Launch Delayed By One Month

Pandigitial Novel – the new digital eReader gadget from Pandigital launched earlier this month. The launch was not entirely smooth as several users reported issues with broken Wi-Fi, slow processors and a poor eReader application. The page turns were slow, users were unable to customize margins or edit font sizes.

The general reviews of the device was poor and that is was not primed for launch as yet.  This made Pandigital recall all of their stocks. The company is said to be working on fixing the flaws in order to ensure that the issues do not recur again.

Now, according to a fresh report by The Digital Reader, the company is in no hurry to relaunch the device. According to an email communication from Pandigital, the company is still working to fix the issues. An email from the company spokesperson reads,

“We will have products back in stores in approximately a month. In going through the fix, we’re taking extra time to make sure it’s absolutely final before we send it out.

At this point, we have two products that have both been in development for the past few months. We will be selling them both to various retailers. The original plan was that the white model would ship first, but it looks like the black model may hit the market at the same time.”

Pandigital Novel is noted to be one of the most exciting new eReader gadgets in the market. The market has been significantly affected due to the launch of tablet PCs like the iPad. However, the eReaders are expected to be a hit among a niche audience of book readers. It will be interesting to see how Pandigital fares in the market once the Novel relaunches next month.