Official FourSquare App For Nokia Ovi Store Releasing Soon

Nokia has been building an in-house app for the popular location-based check-in service, FourSquare. The new service will not be a part of the Nokia Ovi Maps service that has recently got its own social check-in service. Instead, this will be an independent application that has been developed by Nokia engineers in collaboration with FourSquare.

The app is expected to hit the Ovi Stores next week and according to Holger Luedorf, the VP of Mobile & Partnerships at FourSquare, partnerships with mobile manufacturers to help FourSquare reach out to a wider audience is primary in their expansion strategy. Luedorf also noted that FourSquare’s growth has been completely viral so far and the new partnership will boost this viral growth. The new FourSquare app from Nokia will be compatible with Symbian^3, 5.0 and 3.2 devices. Check out a demo of the app in action in the video below.

Android Based Nokia Phone In The Making?

There are rumors doing the rounds that Nokia might finally move away from Symbian and be launching an Android based handset soon. However, the speculation has gained fresh credibility after Greig Williams, Nokia’s General Manager for Alps and South East Europe hinted at the possibility.

In a recent conversation, Williams had indicated that Ovi Maps, Nokia’s free turn-by-turn GPS navigation system shall be available for free on Android and Windows Phone 7 handsets. This does not seem logical unless a Nokia branded Android or Windows handset too is in the making.

What do you think?

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Windows Mobile 7 To Offer Free GPS Navigation

One more nail lurking over the coffin for GPS navigation companies like TomTom. Rumors are doing the rounds that Windows Mobile 7, Microsoft’s soon to be launched mobile OS might come equipped with a free GPS navigation software that will make the likes of TomTom and Garmin redundant.

Windows Mobile blog, MSMobile makes this claim on their blog stating further that the OS will also bring Zune, Xbox, Bing integration, Games, music, new kernel and new UI.

You might recall that Android already offers free turn-by-turn navigation on their platform and Nokia too has introduced the same with Ovi maps. With Microsoft too jumping ship, it might not be too late before Apple offers a similar software too. For the record, Cupertino acquired maps development company PlaceBase last year and there are speculations over introduction of GPS soon.

Do you think TomTom and the likes have a niche to cater to in this new world order? Let us know what you think.

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