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New Opera Mobile Browser For Android Released

A few weeks back, we had written about the imminent launch of the Opera Mobile browser for Android – a full fledged mobile browser for the Android platform that would be a much more comprehensive web browser offering from Opera compared to Opera Mini that has been in the marketplace for close to six months.

This application has now been released for download. The new Opera Mobile 10.1 beta application comes with features like

  • Speedy page loading thanks to Opera Turbo
  • Smooth navigation controls – scrolling, zooming and panning
  • Speed dial
  • Visual tabs for easy tab management
  • geolocation support
  • Bookmark-syncing across devices
  • SVG support

This is not the first time Opera Mobile for Android is releasing though. The product was already available for the Norwegian OEM partners until now. The browser supports a number of languages including Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. You can check out the application by clicking here.

Mobile Software and Apps

Full Opera Mobile Browser App For Android Coming Soon

Opera Mini is one of the most popular third party applications on the Android platform. If you thought this offering was flattering enough, wait until the Oslo based company launches their next Android app – a complete Opera Mobile browser for Android. Opera has confirmed on their blog that this application is releasing within a month from now though an exact launch date has not been announced as yet.

The full app comes with a number of features that you do not have on the Opera Mini application. First thing, the new Opera Android app is expected to offer browsing at lightning speed thanks to hardware acceleration. Secondly, the interface is going to be much more intuitive with a pinch-to-zoom feature. Zooming is possible up to a per-character-level.

We can’t wait to check out this new Opera release for Android.


Which Is The Fastest Web Browser For Android OS?

Now isn’t it great that unlike the iOS, where the approval of every mobile web brower application is anticipated with bated breath, users of an open system like Android can easily have a number of mobile browsers depending on their personal preferences? So which among the popular Android browsers is the best? One of the metrics that is of primary importance is the loading time. PC World has conducted a study of this metric across a number of Android browsers and here are the results.

Android browser speed test

As you can see, SkyFire is easily the best in terms of loading speed. The average live site takes just 8 seconds to load the page in comparison to Fennec Alpha that takes close to triple the time at 23.8 seconds. Other browsers that have impressed in the study are Opera Mini and Android 2.2 Stock browser that take 11.4 seconds and 11.3 seconds to respectively load websites.

Which is your favorite browser?

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New Opera Mini 5.1 For Windows Mobile Releases

The media may forever talk about the iPhone and Android (and Blackberry to an extent) as the only two smartphone platforms that matter. But as you would agree, mobile OS platforms like Windows Mobile are still doing well with a hefty market share. So it is significant that Opera has just released the latest version of its mobile browser application for the Windows Mobile platform. The new version 5.1 comes with enhancements that will provide better support for high resolution devices and will also let users set Opera Mini as the default mobile web browser. Apart from this, the application is also compatible with the accelerometer functionality that many modern day smartphones come with, improves kinetic scrolling and supports predictive text input.

To download, simply visit from your default web browser and Opera will automatically offer the most optimized version for your handset.