Apple Replacing Objective C With New Programming Language For iOS App Development?

9to5Mac writes on an interesting speculation that has been doing the rounds lately. Apple could be working on an alternative new programming language that will replace Objective C as the default coding language for developers on the Apple OS platform.

Swedish developer Jesper writes on his blog,

“After watching the eminently early and freely available WWDC 2010 session videos, I think my scales have finally tipped. It is my belief that Apple is definitely working on a new language to surpass Objective-C as their intended, primary, publicly recommended programming language, which I will call “xlang”.”

The new language is expected to be based off Objective C and still be “modern” enough to cater to all of Apple’s requirements. Jesper says this new platform will give Apple a modern language with a modern environment that is low-level enough to perform at the speed of Objective C and still be thin enough to carry out most of the modern amenties efficiently.

You may also note that Apple has been working on a compiler front-end called Clang to replace the GNU compiler collection. Development of Clang was completed last month and Apple is expected to make the replacement soon.