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Samsung Galaxy Tab On O2 Germany – Pricing Explained

We have been hearing a lot about the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in recent times. Most of that has however been about a lack in clarity regarding the actual price of the device. O2 Germany is one of the first companies to announce a comprehensive pricing scheme for the upcoming Tablet. Unlike most other contract plans, the O2 Germany plan distributes the cost of the tablet across a 24 month period so that the user will only pay a small amount every month.

This is how it works. Users buying a Galaxy Tab will have to pay an upfront fee of €99 to secure a device. This payment will also tie the user to a 24 month plan that will cost the user €27.50 every month. Interestingly though, this monthly fee does not offer any data plan in itself. Instead, this is merely for the possession of the device. The user will have to sign up for an additional data plan if they will also want to sign up for cellular data access.

The total cost at the end of 24 months turns out to be €759 ($1047). But at €27.50 a month, this is still a pretty affordable plan. And when you consider the economics of time value of money, you will concede that $1047 spread over 2 years is still lesser than a $500 price point that the user will need to pay upfront.

What do you think?


Dell Streak Features And UK Launch Confirmed

Dell has officially announced that the company’s first ever smartphone – marketed as “ultimate portable tablet PC” – will launch exclusively on O2 in UK starting early next month. This follows verbal confirmations from Michael Dell earlier this month. Dell’s media release also notes that Dell Streak will be available in USA from “later this summer“.

This is Dell’s foray into the highly competitive smartphone segment and the company appears to be clearly testing the waters without diluting the Dell brand name that has become synonymous with portable computers. However, calling a smartphone an “ultimate portable tablet PC” may not help the company in its endeavor considering that the company may fail to communicate the message to its users that the tablet PC in this case can also actually make calls.

It will be interesting to see how the Dell Streak is received in the UK market. The features are too good for Dell to lose out. Here is a gist of what is on offer

Platform : Android 1.6 with OTA update of Froyo expected later this year
Display : 5-inch capacitive multi-touch WVGA display
Processor : 1GHz SnapDragon processor
Camera : 5 megapixel high resolution camera with an additional VGA camera on the front
Storage : 2GB expandable up to 32GB on microSD
Connectivity : 3G + WiFi + Bluetooth

Other features

  • Integrated Google Maps with turn-by-turn navigation
  • Full screen browsing experience
  • Social media integration

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Price Tariffs For Palm Pre Plus And Pixi Plus On O2 Announced

O2, the carrier for Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus in the UK market has announced that the two Palm smartphones shall go on sale starting May 28. Additionally, the network operator has also announced the price tariffs for the two handsets. As expected, there are two levels of contracts – one for a 18 month period and another for a 24 month period. The price of Palm Pixi Plus ranges from Free to £49 while Palm Pre Plus shall be available between a price range of free to £99.

Check out the comprehensive price tariff plans in the charts below
Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus Launch date and Price tariff

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HTC Desire Price And Tariffs For O2 UK Announced

The HTC Desire is easily one of the most “desired” phones in the market today and O2, UK has just announced that the company is launching the much anticipated device in the UK market. The handset will come in two plans – for a contract period of 18 months and 24 months respectively.

Smart Phone 18 months
The basic cost of the phone starts at £99.00 with £30.00 monthly cost that offers 100 minutes talk time plus unlimited text and data plan facility. You may also avail the phone for free by signing up to a monthly plan between £40.00 and £65.00. The most expensive plan gives you unlimited calling, text and data usage facility.

Smart Phone 24 months
With a 24 months contract, users may basically save £5.00 on cost every month. All costs are similar to the one in the 18 months contract except that the monthly expense is £5 low. For instance, the basic plan starts at £99.00 phone cost and £25.00 monthly fee while the most expensive plan gives you a free handset with £60.00 monthly fee.

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Dell Streak Launch Date Announced

In April last, Dell announced a line-up of smartphones like Thunder and Lightning. One of the other tablet devices unveiled, tentatively named Mini 5, was later revealed to be called Streak. In a conversation yesterday, Michael Dell spelt out the specifics of Dell Streak’s launch.

According to him, the new Android powered micro-tablet will launch in the European market on O2 Telefonica next month. This shall be followed by a launch on AT&T in USA later in the summer.

The Dell Streak will come with a 5 inch display and a 5 megapixel camera. Also, it will include a front-facing VGA camera. The device will have three capacitive Menu, Home and Back buttons on the side and can plug in via a 30 pin dock connector. Dell has struck a deal with Amazon which means you will also be able to access the Kindle e-Reader, Amazon MP3, videos and store apps from the Streak.

No details on the price, but just sit tight and wait.

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iPad 3G Data Plans For UK Customers : Complete Details

A couple of days back, Orange announced their iPad 3G data plans for the UK market. Close on the heels of the announcement, O2 and Vodafone – the two other network carriers who have partnered with Apple in the launch of iPad in UK have announced their data plan pricing as well.

With O2, there are three different data plans on offer – 500MB per day, 1GB per month and 3GB per month. These plans come at a cost of £2. £10 and £15 respectively.

On the other hand, Vodafone has offered only two data plans and none of them are on a daily access basis. Vodafone’s 250MB per month plan is priced at £10 while its 5GB per month plan is available at £25.

Here is a comprehensive listing of all plans on offer. Personally, I find Orange the most attractive among the three

Apple iPad 3G data plans in UK

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Asus UL30A On O2 Tech Specs And Price Announced

O2 has announced the launch of a new Asus UL30A netbook PC for business travellers. The netbook is 3G based allowing you to do away with the dongle. The device shall launch in May and will come with a 2 year contract that will set you back by £30 a month.

Here are the notable features and tech specs on Asus UL30A

13.3″ HD screen
Windows 7 Premium OS
Intel ULV Core 2 Duo processor
3GB Internal memory
320GB hard drive storage

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Video Calling On iPhone Coming Soon

Video chat and calling facilities may become possible with the next generation of iPhone. Speculations about this have been flying thick and fast since Apple’s UK carrier partner O2 accidentally revealed the price plans for the iPhone on their website which includes prices for “UK video calls“.

We have not heard from O2 so far about this, but considering the consistent slip-ups from Apple’s partners in the past few months, O2 is sure to hear a mouthful from Steve Jobs. You might recall that T-Mobile Germany had revealed prices of the iPad much earlier than the device was unveiled embarassing Cupertino.

Having said that,  this could as well be a genuine typo. But what do you think? Is this for real?

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