Barnes & Noble Nook Wi-Fi Launching At $149

Come Wednesday, Barnes & Noble might be launching a new Wi-Fi only version of its Nook eReader. Indications towards this come from a company insider who has sent in this screenshot of the company’s internal database. The item listing points to a ‘Nook WIFI‘ model at a price of $149.

Barnes and Noble Nook Wifi

This is not all. Barnes & Noble is even noted to have begun its advertising campaign on Google about the new low-cost Nook ereader. A Google search for the “new nook” shows a Google ad that reads

“Nook – Starting at $149
Introducing 2 New Look Nook Prices. Now $149 – $199. Free Shipping!”

So get ready for another round of price wars in the eReader segment.

[via Engadget]