NOOKcolor App Development – New SDK Released

Barnes & Noble has announced the roll out of the SDK for the recently launched NOOKcolor eReader. The launch will mean developers can now start building applications specifically for the eReader. Interestingly, though the eReader has been built over the Android framework, it will not be possible for Android app developers to directly port their apps over the new platform. Instead, we hear that there will still be a significant amount of work required to make the apps NOOKcolor-compatible.

Nevertheless, with the device being rooted recently, a number of users should now be looking at NOOKcolor as a cheaper alternative for tablet. This increased interest should get more developers doing the extra work to bring applications for the platform.

We look forward to this spurt in activity on the Nook ecosystem. If you are a developer, you can find all the needed SDK tools here.

Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor Root Hacked Successfully

NOOKColor, the touchscreen eReader from Barnes & Noble that went on sale last month has now been successfully rooted. This is thanks to the good folks at XDA developers who have been able to install the popular Angry Birds game on the eReader as a “proof” of the hack being developed successfully.

According to the hackers who broke into the root of the NOOKcolor software, the rooted device is as “smooth as a Galaxy Tab” and that it has “potential to be an amazing device“.

There are no official guides or step-by-step instructions for the root as yet and we will stay on the lookout for the same to let you know once it is up on the XDA forums. Are you excited about the prospect of rooting your NOOKcolor? Write to us in the comments.

Buy Barnes & Noble NOOK Color From Store Now

Barnes & Noble had unveiled their new NOOK Color last month. Like we had noted last month, the new color eReader will come with a 7″ touchscreen display built with IPS technology, an 8GB internal storage supplemented by a microSD card that can hold 32GB of data and a number of other features. Now, the popular book publisher has announced that this new eReader is now available for sale and can be purchased at a price of $249.

If you are eager to get hold of one, you can do some from Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Books-a-Million. Online orders are available too and these orders will apparently take close to ten days to be fulfilled. Of course, if you have already pre-ordered a unit, they must be hitting your door soon enough.

Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor eReader Officially Announced

So looks like almost everything that we heard about the new eReader from Barnes & Noble was correct. The popular publisher has now officially unveiled the new NOOKcolor – the new eReader with a color touchscreen.

Like what the rumors had suggested, the new NOOKcolor will come with a 7″ screen with a touchscreen display made of In-Plane Switching technology, an 8GB internal storage, a microSD slot that can hold 32GB and features like Wi-Fi, micro USB port and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The eReader will support a number of third party apps like Pandora, Chess and will come with a media player. These things surely make it more than just a ebook reading machine and can also be used to listen to music or watch videos.

NOOKcolor eReader

As noted yesterday, the device will also include a NOOK kids app that will be targeted at kids. The eReader is noted to be available for $249 – just as it was earlier speculated.

Nook Kids App For iPad, Nook Color & More

The launch of the new Nook Color eReader is no longer a secret since Barnes & Noble had themselves given it away by accidentally revealing a related accessory in its stores. Now we are further hearing about a new application from the book publisher that will be targeted at kids.

Called the Nook Kids, the application is set to come with close to 12,000 titles that will appeal to the very young crowd. Most of these titles are said to be interactive and will contain instances like a page full of dropping blueberries that can be popped with a tap, etc. In short, this app also confirms that the new Nook Color will include a comprehensive color touchscreen.

Also, this application will not just be limited to the Nook Color eReader but will also be available for other devices including the Apple iPad from later this year.

Barnes & Noble Nook Color eReader Launch & Price Rumors

Barnes & Noble is rumored to be getting all ready to launch a new variant of their Nook ebook reader – a color version that probably ditch the regular e-ink screen with a display made of either full LCD, Mirasol or possibly even PixelQi. From what we hear, the new eReader will be simply called Nook Color and will come with a 7″ screen and will run on the Android operating system. It is also expected to run the Nook app that is already available for devices with color display.

What might bother you if you are eager to get hold of one of these devices is the price. The price of this new Nook Color eReader is said to be in the range of $250 – that’s pretty expensive considering that there are way cheaper alternatives. Also, tablet computers that can do a lot more than just reading are available at just a $100 more.

Anyway, let us wait for a confirmation from Barnes & Noble about this.

B&N Nook eReader App For Android Released

The eReader war is turning out to be played more and more on the  software front and not on the hardware side as it was earlier thought. In a bid to thwart competition from the likes of Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble has announced the launch of a Nook eReader app on the Android platform. As you already know, the company already has its eReader app available to iPhone and iPad users.

The new app will allow users to browse through the over one million titles available for purchase on the B&N eBookstore and books purchased from the online store shall be accessible from any device that is compatible with Nook. That’s either the Nook eReader or the several Nook apps available.

Companies like Amazon and Barnes & Noble have realized that the money to be made is in the purchase of ebooks and not on the hardware. Consequently, do not be surprised if these companies begin offering the hardware at next to nothing moving forward.

Barnes & Noble NOOKstudy Features, Price And Launch

Barnes & Noble has launched a new eReader platform aimed specifically at the students. Called NOOKStudy, the eReader can literally replace the student’s books with a single eReader that will contain all the ebooks, slides, lecture notes, images and other class materials  that is otherwise accessed via a PC or Mac.

Other significant features include the ability to read multiple books at the same time and the ability to create notes. NOOKStudy is learned to be tried on a test basis at several private institutions including the Rochester Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Queensboro Community College.

There is no word on the price of the device as yet and we expect an announcement on this shortly. The launch date for the Barnes and Noble NOOKStudy is scheduled for August. If you are interested in getting hold of one, you can always register for updates from the NOOKStudy website here.

Barnes & Noble Nook Wi-Fi Launching At $149

Come Wednesday, Barnes & Noble might be launching a new Wi-Fi only version of its Nook eReader. Indications towards this come from a company insider who has sent in this screenshot of the company’s internal database. The item listing points to a ‘Nook WIFI‘ model at a price of $149.

Barnes and Noble Nook Wifi

This is not all. Barnes & Noble is even noted to have begun its advertising campaign on Google about the new low-cost Nook ereader. A Google search for the “new nook” shows a Google ad that reads

“Nook – Starting at $149
Introducing 2 New Look Nook Prices. Now $149 – $199. Free Shipping!”

So get ready for another round of price wars in the eReader segment.

[via Engadget]

Barnes & Noble Nook Lite Launch And Price

Folks at Gizmodo are reporting that Barnes & Noble’s second generation Nook and a new Nook Lite eReaders shall be hitting the market later this year. The tipsters who spoke to the website did not elaborate much over the next gen Nook, also known as Project Encore.

However, Nook Lite is expected to be a Wi-Fi only version and will launch in the second quarter. The price is expected to be $199.

The news comes at a time when there are speculations that a software upgrade is over the corner and is expected to be available for download this week. One significant update that this new v1.4 version will include is a full browser for internet browsing.

A tablet that wants to be an eReader and an eReader that wants to be a tablet – It’s all the same, don’t you think?

[via Gizmodo]