Nokia E73 On T-Mobile : Launch Date And Features Revealed

T-Mobile USA may be gearing up towards the launch of its next Nokia productivity set, the E73. According to reports on the Engadget, the Nokia E73 is likely to launch on T-Mobile on June 16.

The new E73 handset is pretty much like the earlier E72 and is a perfect QWERTY based tool for those who write in a lot of a emails and text messages on the go.

The Nokia E73 Mode will be Wi-Fi enabled and will also come with 3G connectivity and integration with personal and work emails. The QWERTY keyboard will ensure better comfort levels on typing. E73 is also expected to run on Symbian though the version is still unclear.

So, it is less than a month from now before it launches. Mark the date on your calendars.

[via Engadget]

Nokia N8 Web Browser Features And Demo

The N8 is seen as the next big thing from Nokia and the phone is already receiving a lot of rave reviews. A new video posted on YouTube gives a clearer look into the Symbian^3 handset’s browser. Here are some features you will find interesting

  • Kinetic Scrolling
  • Multi-touch
  • Pinch zooming
  • Support for Adobe Flash
  • Landscape and Portrait rendering

Here is the full video demo of the web browser

[via Nokia Blog]

Nokia Tablet To Get Native Games From FishLabs?

Those of you who have had Nokia mobile phones during the early years of the new millennium might fondly remember your obsession with the Snake game. You may agree that the simple game alone was responsible for thousands of people to lay their hands on a Nokia handset. The Finnish giant has since then failed to make great products, though we have been hearing that a Tablet PC is now in the works.

Is Nokia once again banking on native games to promote its upcoming gizmo? Rumors suggest so. In a recent blog post, game developer FishLabs has revealed that the company is working with Nokia for a large screen application. The post reads,

“Beyond that, we are working on a AAA title closely together with Nokia featuring OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics for a large screen.”

It is not clear what FishLabs means by a “large screen“. However, for the sake of keeping the rumors exciting, we shall pretend that it means a tablet PC.

[via Fish Labs]

Nokia Tablet Device In The Works?

Forget the demand for such a product, but every CEO and his mom now want to be in the tablet race now that such a category has become an official reality. According to Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, Nokia may be talking to suppliers and design manufacturers over an upcoming tablet device.

The idea is not exactly ridiculous. My personal opinion is that you do not need an extra device simply to “consume media“. However, now that several hundred thousand iPads are reportedly sold, it also means the consumers have been officially sold to the concept of a media consumption device. And considering that these are still early days for the segment, Nokia – even if it looks apparently late, can still have an early mover advantage depending on what features it brings to the tablet and how it is positioned.

But it also needs to be noted that Nokia has not had a killer product in quite some time. Maybe it’s time to turn the table(t)s.

[via The Street]

Nokia N8 Features And Launch Date

Folks at Engadget have received some interesting tip about Nokia’s new N8 device launching in the middle of next month. Unlike conventional high profile launches, this one is likely to be a small event. However significantly, the launch is expected to be made just before the company’s Annual General Meeting in Helsinki.

What does an N8 look like? Like this?

Nokia N8 features and launch date

You might remember that last month we had written about leaked technical specs of a Nokia N87. Back then we had written that the device will have

12MP autofocus camera
Xenon Flash and night view mode
600MHz ARM Cortex 8 processor
3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen
Wi-Fi, A-GPS
FM radio and transmitter
16Gb/32Gb storage
Symbian OS

Is the new N8 same as N87? We are not sure, but we hope it is.

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Price Of Motorola CLIQ XT, Nokia Nuron, HTC HD2 Revealed?

Sources close to TmoNews have revealed the prices of the T-Mobile based handsets which get launched later this year. According to the source, Motorola CLIQ XT will launch at a price of $129.99 with a 2 year contract. Without the T-Mobile contract, you can get hold of the device for $329.99.

Nokia Nuron will retail at $69.99 with contract and $179.99 without one. Similarly, HTC HD2 will come at a subsidized price of $199.99 with the 2 year contract and at $449.99 without one.

We guess the phones have been priced at a pretty attractive level. What do you think? Which one are you going for?

[via TmoNews]