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Jailbreak Sony Playstation 3 Using A Tethered Palm Pre/Nokia N900

The jailbreaking solution for Sony Playstation 3 is going through a lot of sophistication. Last month, there were reports about a USB dongle that will provide you with a jailbreak for the PS3. This was soon contested by Sony and resulted in a ban. Nevertheless, at $170, I really don’t think too many people would have been interested. This was followed by another solution named PSGroove. This brought the jailbreak software to a modchip that costs something around $25-$30.

Now, here is the third iteration. DeviceMag is reporting that the mods and hacks to enabled the jailbreak are now available as mobile applications that can be ported to Nokia N900 or Palm Pre and consequently, you only need to tether your PS3 with one of these handsets to get the process done.

Of course, the procedure is neither simple nor safe. Jailbreaking is the number one way to lose your warranty and so you need to proceed at your own risk. Besides, the procedure also requires some knowledge about kernels and so you may proceed only if you understand all that you are doing. Check out the tutorials here.