Nokia E73 On T-Mobile : Launch Date And Features Revealed

T-Mobile USA may be gearing up towards the launch of its next Nokia productivity set, the E73. According to reports on the Engadget, the Nokia E73 is likely to launch on T-Mobile on June 16.

The new E73 handset is pretty much like the earlier E72 and is a perfect QWERTY based tool for those who write in a lot of a emails and text messages on the go.

The Nokia E73 Mode will be Wi-Fi enabled and will also come with 3G connectivity and integration with personal and work emails. The QWERTY keyboard will ensure better comfort levels on typing. E73 is also expected to run on Symbian though the version is still unclear.

So, it is less than a month from now before it launches. Mark the date on your calendars.

[via Engadget]