Nikon S1000pj Now Priced At $250

Nikon launched their first generation projector camera late last year. The specs were heavy and impressive. But unfortunately, so was the cost. At $430, it was noted that despite the impressive specs, users may not see a commensurate improvement in image quality.

Now, we are hearing that the price of the Nikon S1000pj projector camera has been substantially slashed. The device is now available at a significantly lower cost of $250.

Why? It is being rumored that Nikon is now working on a second generation projector camera that is expected to be launched around August of this year. Like Nikon S1000pj, the new camera projector is also reported to be made with the LCoS pico-projector component from Himax Technologies. The past year has seen the cost of LCoS drop from $65 to $30. Also, the new projector camera is expected to be smaller and much more sleeker than the original first generation device – all of this an indication that the new projector camera from Nikon could be priced much less than $430.

It is no surprise then that Nikon is looking to sell away its first generation device at a lower price in order to clear the inventory ahead of the August launch. With a smaller, yet sleeker model, it is however difficult to say if the next generation model will be priced around the $250 range or more like the first generation device. What do you think?