New Google Nexus S Rumors Reveal OS, Carrier & More

Google Nexus S, the successor to the famed Nexus One has been doing the rounds for quite a while though we have not talked much about them in the past. Now a few pictures of the Nexus S are out in the wild that give us an idea about the phone’s features.

Firstly, the phone will indeed run on Gingerbread – aka Android 2.3 that is expected to roll out on December 6. Next is the fact that the phone will indeed be a Samsung make and will be tied to a T-Mobile network. Apart from this, the leaked Nexus S pictures also reveal a grey/black notification bar, a green highlights and a new squared-off launcher.

Apparently, the pictures were taken just a couple of days back and the word is that a launch is very much round the corner.

Google Nexus S pictures

Google Nexus S Pictures

Android 2.3 Launch On Nexus One This Week?

Google Nexus One could be getting an OS update to the upcoming Gingerbread Android 2.3 platform sometime this week. This is according to a tweet from Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez who happens to work on the leadership team of the Open Handset Alliance – the software conglomerate working on developing Android for the various partner devices. In his tweet, Vasquez has said (Google translated),

“Prepare your Nexus One (Developer version) for Android OTA update 2.3 (Gingerbread) for the next few days :-D”

This is an interesting aside to yet another rumor doing the rounds that suggests that the Samsung made Nexus Two phone that will run on Gingerbread as well is scheduled for launch this Thursday in the United States.

If you are an Android lover, this news should really get you excited. Just about when all Android handsets have started to receive the FroYo upgrade comes the next version. The wait begins all over again.

Google Nexus Two Rumors – Unveiling On November 8?

Google may have officially claimed that they are no longer going to focus on the hardware side of the mobile business, but rumors have been doing the rounds over the past one week that Mountain View is launching a Nexus Two phone shortly. The device will reportedly be exclusively sold at CarPhone Warehouse for the UK market.

Now a fresh word is that Google could soon be making an official unveiling of this device. And unlike the earlier model, the new phone could come from Samsung and not HTC. Also, the official unveiling could happen on November 8 – at an official Samsung event.

Few things to note here. The phone may not be called a Nexus Two. Google could be coming up with a new brand considering that the earlier one did not exactly take off. Also, though the phone is from Samsung, it may not be layered with its custom UI and would instead retain the native Android look.

A partnership with Samsung makes sense considering that Google may now be able to gain access to the state of the art Super AMOLED displays that Samsung manufactures. These displays have been in huge demand and with Samsung being one of the few manufacturers have found it extremely difficult in recent times to keep up with production. Consequently, most manufacturers including HTC have moved away from Super AMOLED to alternate displays. By partnering with Samsung, Google may gain access to these “super” displays to go with what they call their “superphones“.

Google Nexus Two Rumor – Is A Nexus One Successor Coming?

There is a fresh rumor doing the rounds that Google may be building a successor to their not-so-popular Google Nexus One that was launched in January of this year. According to this report which was first published in a London newspaper, the new phone will run the upcoming version of Android that is popularly known as Gingerbread. The report further states that the device will be available exclusively with CarPhone Warehouse which is an independent mobile phone retailer.

Now frankly, this rumor could be true for so many reasons. Firstly, Google Nexus One failed to impress not because of the specs, but because of the distribution strategy. Now with Google having revamped their Phone portal to talk about Android phones in general, it is likely that the company may have also worked out an alternate, more conventional distribution strategy that could be put to use. But the problem is, Google has quite categorically stated earlier this year that there will not be a Nexus One successor.