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Google Nexus S Rebooting Randomly During Phone Call – Google Working On Fix

A new bug on the Android operating system seems to be affecting a number of Google Nexus S users. According to complaints posted on the Google support forum, the bug on Nexus S causes the phone to reboot randomly while making a phone call. Some users have been experiencing this every other time while others have been facing the issue only once in a while.

Fortunately though, unlike the Android random SMS recipient bug, Google seems to have rounded upon the possible root-causes early enough and have reported that they are now trying to reproduce the bug and consequently find a fix for the same. Samsung is noted to be working with Google on this issue.

We will let you know when a fix is released. Have you experienced similar issues on your Nexus S? Tell us in the comments.

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CyanogenMod For Nexus S Released In Alpha Version

Gingerbread users – that’s predominantly Google Nexus S owners as of now – who want to get hold of a more resourceful firmware can now start testing the new CyanogenMod 7 firmware. For the uninitiated, CyanogenMod is a custom firmware that is built over the Android platform that could bring features hitherto not available on the native platform to these smartphones.

The CyanogenMod team had initially reported issues with the camcorder and Wi-Fi that was however later rectified. Koush, one of the lead developers from CyanogenMod has now released an alpha version of the firmware that can now be downloaded from here.

Do note that this is an alpha version that is bound to come with a lot of bugs. That means, unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing, you are advised to hold off from installing these updates. There is no word on when a public release is due. Nevertheless, keep looking here, we might update you on the same when that happens.

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Google Nexus S In UK – Shipping Delayed

Looks like Carphone Warehouse hasn’t got enough units of Nexus S stocked in their stores yet. It has been announced that the shipping of the Nexus S has been delayed and the new Android 3.0 phones will now be available only from December 22. This is an issue that has affected not just online orders. Even retail purchases are likely to stay limited to only “key stores” of Carphone.

Having said that, the delay should not come as a surprise anymore considering that Carphone Warehouse had only recently announced a massive slashing of the Nexus S prices. You should be aware that the SIM-free version of the device will now cost users £429.99 instead of £549.99. Also, those users buying the phone on contract will now be allowed to sign up for contracts as low as £30 per month.

Have you got your shipment notification yet? Tell us your experience in the comments.

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Google Nexus S Price In UK Slashed

Google Nexus S launches in the UK today and you should already know, this will be the first smartphone to sport the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. If you haven’t purchased a Nexus S and are contemplating a buy, you should do it soon.

Carphone Warehouse, Google’s retail partner in the UK has announced that they are dropping the price of the Nexus S. The phone, which was earlier available SIM-free at a price of £549.99 can now be purchased for just £429.99. Also, if you are one looking for contracts, you still get it for free as you did earlier. However, the minimum data package plan that one required to sign up with has been changed from the £35 package to the £30 plan.

But do remember that new purchases shall be back-ordered which means it can take them a little while before the device is shipped to your address. In any case, if you are interested to make a purchase, head over to the Carphone website and pre-order now.

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Gingerbread Android 2.3 For Samsung Galaxy S Ported From Nexus S

Google Nexus S, the latest Android smartphone from Google is the only one in the market to be running the latest Gingerbread OS. While other Android users continue to wait for Android 2.3 to be made available to them officially from their carriers, at least Galaxy S users have something to cheer about. Folks at XDA have managed to port the Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform from Nexus S to Galaxy S.

From what we hear, this is a near-perfect porting with few performance related issues. However do note that some features on the Galaxy S could be disabled after the update. Users have reported issues with accessing Wi-Fi, GPS and Google Voice after porting to the new Gingerbread OS.

That could be a huge deal breaker for many. But if you are one who would rather update to the latest OS than access these features from a FroYo handset, be sure to dive into this thread for instructions on the upgrade. Also, check the videos embedded below for an idea on how this works.

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Google Nexus S Rooting Instructions Out

It has hardly been a day since the Google Nexus S arrived in the American stores and the device has already been rooted. XDA hacker Koush has announced that the Gingerbread running Google Android phone can now be rooted and put in recovery.

The instructions for this hack are pretty straightforward – that is if you are already well versed in the rooting procedure. Otherwise, there is no reason why you should risk bricking your day old phone that could also void its warranty.

To get started, you will need to download a few files and then run a few commands on the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) command shell. That should complete the process. Get the complete how-to guide here. As always do let us know how it works in the comments below.

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Best Buy Nexus S Launch – Availability Details Revealed

In case you didn’t know already, Best Buy has not been taking pre-orders for the Google Nexus S Android 3.0 smartphone. Instead, all the interested customers must queue up at one of the retail stores starting 8 AM on December 16. Now, in addition to this, Best Buy has now offered some more details about the launch.

First, the availability, as expected, shall be first-come, first served. Secondly, sale will be restricted to two-per-customer in order to enhance availability. Thirdly, online sales will commence exactly at 8:00 AM Eastern Time (USA).

While the availability of Nexus S is expected to vary from store to store, you can nevertheless expect at least one demo unit to be available on every store so that you can play with one before deciding to part with your money.

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Pre-Order Nexus S In The UK Now

It was only yesterday that Best Buy had posted a clarification stating that they will not be opening up for Nexus S pre-orders and that all interested customers must line up on December 16th to secure a device. Now if you are in the UK, you have got more luck.

Carphone Warehouse, one of Google’s retail partners in the United Kingdom has announced that their stores are now open for Nexus S pre-orders. As noted already, the device will be available starting December 20 and can be purchased free of contract at a price of £549.99. Those of you looking for a subsidy can get the device free of cost along with a 2 year contract where you will be paying £35 monthly. That’s with any carrier of your choice!

Nexus S can be pre-ordered from the retail stores or from the Carphone Warehouse website link.

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No Pre-Orders For Google Nexus S, Clarifies Best Buy

In case you didn’t know yet, Google is coming up with its new Nexus S Gingerbread phone next week. Starting December 16, customers in the United States will be able to purchase this new Android device from Best Buy stores across the country. Make that December 20 if you are in the UK.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a way to pre-order a phone, you are out of luck. Best Buy has issued a fresh FAQ that clarifies that the phone will not be available on pre-orders and interested customers may get the phones only on launch day.

Will Best Buy be taking pre-orders for the Nexus S?
There will be no pre-orders on the Nexus S. Units will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis on launch day. We will use a ticketing system much like we do on Black Friday to allocate inventory and keep the process organized.

There are a number of other details that Best Buy has offered on their FAQ. You can read them by clicking here.

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Google Nexus S On Verizon Launching Next?

The successor to the Google Nexus One is here and will be available for American customers starting December 16 on Best Buy stores.  But as you had heard already, the current version shall be on T-Mobile which means the Nexus S is only GSM compatible at the moment. However, rumor mongers insist a CDMA version too could be coming soon.

The source is presumably the rules and regulations posted for a Nexus S contest that is up on Google. A line on the rules page reads,

“The currently available Nexus S is a GSM device and is not compatible with CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint.”

It is being debated that the wording cleverly hides a possible Nexus S variant that could be available on Verizon and Sprint. However, that argument sounds too far fetched and is something I would not buy. Nevertheless, choices are always good and we hope this speculation indeed turns out true.