Google Phone Site To Showcase All Android Handsets

In January this year, Google announced the launch of Nexus One. Exciting as its specs were at that point, the more intriguing point was the sales channel – just one web channel where users may buy their handset from. This is now doubt a forward looking model that is likely to cut down on middlemen. However, who buys a phone without glancing through the features and having a first hand feel? Despite these, Nexus One sold quite a lot of handsets.

Quite evidently, Google feels things have not gone the way they were intended to. So, the company has now announced that the Nexus One shall hereon be moving to a conventional sales channel. The phone will be made available via the existing retail partners – as it has been in Europe.

And of the website? Google has revealed that this shall now be a view-only platform where users may surf through all the upcoming Android handsets.

Now that’s extreme reaction, G! Make the phone available across both the platforms – that is much better.

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Nexus One In Australia Launch In June

Google fans in Australia may look forward to owning a Nexus One by next month. According to rumors stoked from a chat between a customer and a Vodafone customer service rep, the Nexus One could be headed down under for a mid-to-late June launch.

Google has been having a pretty tough time selling its phones to carriers who have been opting for newer HTC handsets like Droid Incredible over a handset launched “way back” in January of this year. Yes, the development on the Android front is that fast, plus HTC is on a war-drive..

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Google Nexus One 3G Connectivity Issues

Several Nexus One users had complained of 3G issues over the past few weeks and while Google might have fixed several of the issues that had persisted so far, few users still seem to have been facing them.

However, in a new note on the Google Support forums, the company has announced (informally though) that they shall no longer be investigating 3G connectivity issues since any persisting issues are likely to be with users with weaker 3G coverage in their area.

Here is a transcript of the message posted by a Google employee

“Hey guys,
I’ve seen some recent speculation on this thread about an OTA to improve 3G connectivity and I want to give you an update on the situation.
While we are continuing to monitor user feedback regarding the 3G performance on the Nexus One, we are no longer investigating further engineering improvements at this time.
If you are still experiencing 3G issues, we recommend that you try changing your location or even the orientation of your phone, as this may help in areas with weaker coverage.
-Ry Guy”

[Google Support Forums via Engadget]

Root Your Android Phone In Three Steps

The iPhone jailbreakers are a well thriving community headed by experts like Geohot and the Dev team. While the availability of a more open ecosystem on the Android has meant that users looking to root their Android handsets are not in great numbers, there is still a demand for it since rooting your Android handset will help you install customized ROMs that will add speed and stability to your handset.

Here is a three step process to root your Android phone (including Motorola Droid, Nexus One, etc.)

Step 1 : Download and extract the Superboot zip file to your computer

Step 2 : Put your handset in bootloader mode. To do so, turn off your phone, remove the battery, plug in the USB cable and reinsert the battery when the battery icon appears. Now switch on the power button while holding down the camera button. Alternately, if you have a trackball on your handset, simply turn off the phone and turn it back on while pressing and holding the trackball.

Note : This does not work for Nexus One users. These users may click here

Step 3 : If you are on Windows, double click “install-superboot-windows.bat” file.

Mac users need to open the terminal window to the folder containing the files and have to type

chmod +x

followed by


Linux users need to open the terminal window to the folder and type

chmod +x

followed by


The rooting is complete.

HTC Windows 7 Phone To Launch This Year

HTC has been churning out an impressive line of smartphones these days. More impressively, the Taiwan based handset manufacturer has also been diversifying its risks by partnering with more than one platform developer.

Speaking to Forbes in an interview, HTC CEO Peter Chou has revealed that his company shall unveil a Windows Phone 7 based handset in the latter half of this year. He said,

“They’re putting in tremendous effort to make Windows Phone 7 very appealing and competitive.”

However, this does not mean HTC will be terminating the manufacture of Windows Classic phones. Chou has insisted that his company sees both the versions of Microsoft’s mobile OS to co-exist in the times ahead.

Meanwhile, HTC is also optimistic on the Android front. While there have been doubts cast on the success of Google’s Nexus One phone, Chou sees the device as a success and feels Nexus One’s innovative design will help HTC garner new business despite how consumers perceive the device.

[Forbes via IntoMobile]

HTC Evo 4G Technical Specifications

The new HTC Evo 4G is a pretty close competitor to Nexus One, if not better and is much better than Motorola Droid. Here are the tech specs of HTC Evo 4G listed below

Operating System : Android 2.1 with Sense UI
Processor : 1GHz SnapDragon
RAM : 512 MB
Screen Size : 4.3 inch
Resolution : 800 x 480
Touchscreen : Capacitive Multitouch
Keyboard : Virtual QWERTY Keyboard
Internal Memory : 1GB (with external microSD)
External Camera : 8MP with Flash
Frontal Camera : 1.3 MP
Video Recording : 1280 x 720

Nexus One To Sell At Verizon Retail Stores

The launch of Nexus One not only brought the world’s most popular Internet company to the mobile space, but also heralded a new age business model where the sale of the handset was moved completely online. However, has this model failed? Or is Verizon not convinced about the viability of the same?

Just a couple of weeks after we reported speculations that the Google Nexus One could move out of an exclusive carrier to also be offered on Verizon (as was promised during launch), we are hearing that the handset could actually put up on sale on the Verizon retail stores; contrary to the famed online marketplace.

For now, this is just a rumor and take it with skepticism. But we wonder if Google is trying to make a side-by-side comparison of the two models to see which one fares better. Though, it is unlikely that T-Mobile would be game for such an experimentation.

[via Boy Genius Report]

Android 2.1 Update On All Android Handsets In Q2

Considering the pace of development happening on the Android OS front, it is no surprise that close to 80% of Android users are on outdated versions of the platform. However, that could change by the second quarter of this year when a pan-US update to Android 2.1 could be offered.

According to sources that folks at Android and Me spoke to, every Android phone on sale in the US could receive an upgrade in a few months from now. However, there is a likelihood of phones to require a wipe when the upgrade happens. This in effect, could mean that the upgrade shall happen over a tethered PC client rather than over-the-air as the former makes it possible to backup data and restore them post-update.

It is said that Nexus One and HTC myTouch 3G would be the first handsets to receive the update.

[via Android and Me]

Nexus One On Verizon Launching March 23

Nexus One, the superphone that Google unveiled earlier this year could be moving out of exclusivity with T-Mobile and launching a Verizon version of the device in March. According to reports on Neowin, the phone has already cleared the mandatory FCC inspection for use on Verizon’s network.

If the rumors are true, then it could be tough times for Google’s Android partner Motorola, whose Droid smartphone hit the Verizon shelves late last year. A better Android handset on the same network could mean there is a good chance for Droid sales to be hit.

However, Google itself has been struggling to keep its head above the water following the barrage of new HTC branded smartphones that are expected to be launched over the next few months. It appears that this cannibalization of sales among OHA partners is the only ¬†way to take on the dominance from the likes of Apple’s iPhone. What do you think?

[via Neowin]

HTC Desire On AT&T Launching In May

Remember our story earlier this month that Nexus One could be launching with AT&T? Well it turns out that the AT&T connected device might actually be HTC Desire and not the Google branded clone as we earlier thought.

Spilling the beans on this, folks at BGR write that while it is still possible that the Google branded Nexus One is offered with AT&T over Google’s website, the device on AT&T’s shelves could be HTC Desire and the launch could be around the May-June time frame.

BGR also reports that certain physical attributes of the handset like material finish and color could change in the device on shelf.

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