Google Nexus One Running Android 2.3 Spotted In Google Voice Search Demo Video

Gingerbread has really been taking a long time coming and with very little info available right now on what this next generation OS could look like, the anticipation level among Android users has been growing like crazy. Now thanks to a new Google video update, we seem to know about some features on this upcoming OS.

Google Hong Kong had recently made a video demonstration of the Google Voice Search application on an Android device – presumably a Nexus One. Eagle eyed viewers have pointed out that the demo could have been carried out on an Android 2.3 phone. Some new features that one may notice in the video are some new icons on the black status bar on the top of the screen, a modified launcher bar at the bottom and new options like ‘Related‘ and ‘Similar‘ on the app description page of Android market.

Interestingly, Google has pulled the video since these revelations came to light. Nevertheless, here’s a mirror video from Engadget that you can find embedded below.

Android 2.3 Launch On Nexus One This Week?

Google Nexus One could be getting an OS update to the upcoming Gingerbread Android 2.3 platform sometime this week. This is according to a tweet from Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez who happens to work on the leadership team of the Open Handset Alliance – the software conglomerate working on developing Android for the various partner devices. In his tweet, Vasquez has said (Google translated),

“Prepare your Nexus One (Developer version) for Android OTA update 2.3 (Gingerbread) for the next few days :-D”

This is an interesting aside to yet another rumor doing the rounds that suggests that the Samsung made Nexus Two phone that will run on Gingerbread as well is scheduled for launch this Thursday in the United States.

If you are an Android lover, this news should really get you excited. Just about when all Android handsets have started to receive the FroYo upgrade comes the next version. The wait begins all over again.

Google Nexus Two Rumor – Is A Nexus One Successor Coming?

There is a fresh rumor doing the rounds that Google may be building a successor to their not-so-popular Google Nexus One that was launched in January of this year. According to this report which was first published in a London newspaper, the new phone will run the upcoming version of Android that is popularly known as Gingerbread. The report further states that the device will be available exclusively with CarPhone Warehouse which is an independent mobile phone retailer.

Now frankly, this rumor could be true for so many reasons. Firstly, Google Nexus One failed to impress not because of the specs, but because of the distribution strategy. Now with Google having revamped their Phone portal to talk about Android phones in general, it is likely that the company may have also worked out an alternate, more conventional distribution strategy that could be put to use. But the problem is, Google has quite categorically stated earlier this year that there will not be a Nexus One successor.

Users Report Nexus One 3G Connection Disabled After FroYo Update

If you are a Nexus One user who has upgraded your phone to Android 2.2 in the past few weeks, you may have seen your 3G connection getting disabled while you launch your browser. A thread on the Google support forums whose first post dates back to June of this year has several users noticing a similar issue. If you are facing this issue, some users have suggested a few fixes. Do let us know if one of these issues solve the problem

  • Dial *#*#4636#*#*
  • Pick ‘Phone Info’
  • Scroll down to ‘Preferred Network Type’
  • Is it set to GSM only? If so, there’s your problem. Change it to GSM Auto (PRL) or WCDMA Preferred. Both will Give 3G, but for some GSM Auto (PRL) will improve battery life.

Another fix

Settings->Wireless&Networks->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names–>(touch on your provider)–>touch Proxy and erase so that it is blank, and touch Port and make sure it is blank. I then turned off the phone, removed the battery for 10 secs and then rebooted. Done.

Did this fix the problem? Tell us in the comments.

Google Nexus One Technical Support Now Handled By HTC

Have an issue with your Google Nexus One? The regular US technical support line at 888-486-3987 will no longer render support. According to reports, Google Nexus One users calling this number for support requests are now being treated to a recorded message that points them to a new HTC-handled technical support line at 888-216-4736.

The hype surrounding Google’s “Superphone” launch has largely died down since launch in January this year not only because of distribution related issues but also because of a line of newer and better performing Android handsets being launched by the members of the Open Handset Alliance like HTC, Samsung,etc.

Earlier, Google had also announced that that the company shall not be launching a newer version of Nexus One and had also moved the distribution of Nexus One to a conventional retailer set up after sales failed to pick up.

Adobe Flash 10.1 For Android Available For Download In Batches

Adobe has pulled out the beta out of their Flash 10.1 for Mobile devices making the public version of the multimedia platform now available for download from the Android market. The new update will allow any user with a handset running Android 2.2 to upgrade to the latest version.

But before you get all excited, here’s the disclaimer. The update is at present being made visible only to Nexus One owners. But in all probability, users of other handsets must also start seeing the update option becoming available on their handsets.

If you are wondering where to go looking for it, Adobe Flash 10.1 is available in APK format – that’s the Android app format. You can install these apps from Android market using Apps Installer.

Google Nexus One Wi-Fi Disconnecting Frequently?

Close to seven months after the Google Nexus One was launched to the public, we have learned what several users have been experiencing for a long time – certain Nexus One handsets appear to have issues with Wi-Fi connectivity.

According to users who have posted on the Google forums, the Wi-Fi stops working when they put a handset down and the display goes to sleep. Although the Wi-Fi disconnects, it is not technically recognized while would mean that the device does not revert to the cellular network. Users have realized that this flaw has meant there is no constant stream of Twitter or Facebook updates when the Wi-Fi disconnects and that the only way to reconnect is to disconnect and reconnect the Wi-Fi.

Google has not issued any statement in this regard so far. Are you one of those affected. Don’t forget to tell us your experience in the comments below.

Get FM Radio On Google Nexus One With Latest Kernel

You may probably know this already. Google Nexus One and HTC Desire sport the same processor chip from Broadcom. However, while the latter seamlessly lets users play FM radio on their smartphone, Nexus One users have hitherto remained unlucky.

According to reports, that could change soon. Google developer community member intersectRaven from the XDA Developers Forums has released a new version of kernel that will bring FM Radio to your Google Nexus One.

However, all’s not well as yet. It is up to the individual ROM developers to integrate their wares with this latest kernel in order to enable FM Radio on Nexus One. But if you are desperate to get it rightaway, just hold on. Paul O’ Brien from Modaco has revealed that he is already working on a new Sense UI port to Nexus One that will come integrated with FM Radio.

Nexus One Launch In India Imminent?

Around the middle of December, Googlers in Mountain View, California received a mystery device which was speculated to be the much anticipated Google Phone. Then, on January 5 – roughly two weeks later, the Nexus One was launched publicly.

Now, could that soon be happening in India. Reports are coming in that Google has seeded its employees in the Google India offices with brand new Nexus One phones. There is no word on whether these are the same as those released elsewhere. But we had heard from Google execs in the past that Google shall be selling a stripped-down version of Nexus One in India to target the domestic market.
Google Nexus One Launch in India

If speculations are true, Nexus One could be launching in India in a couple of more weeks. Earlier rumors have also pointed out that a launch in Australia looks likely this month.

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Convert Nexus One Into USB Host

Have dozens of files stored up in USB drives? Sven Killig has hacked the new Android OS 2.2 on his Nexus One to transform his Android handsets into a USB hosting device. Using the new set up, Killig was able to watch movies from new accessory, connect a monitor using the DisplayLink USB-to-DVI adapter and several other things.

To do this, Killig says he first rooted the Android 2.2 on his Nexus One before keying in a bit of his own code to enable the set up. Killig says that though this was done on Android 2.2, it may as well work on Android 2.1.

You can download the whole set up from his website by clicking here. Please be forewarned that rooting your handset can permanently impair your device and please proceed only if you are convinced of the potential risks.

Here is a video of the whole set up in action

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