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Tweaked iPhone Puts Less Strain On AT&T

Till a few months back, voices of dissent against AT&T’s clogged network were so deafening that it was speculated that Apple may move away from exclusivity with the launch of the iPad. However that was not to be and though there are now speculations over a second Verizon powered iPhone launching in the market soon, complaints over AT&T are no longer as vociferous as they once were.

The reason is evidently the improved network. A study conducted last month concluded that the AT&T network had improved by close to 84% in the past one year. However, it is not just the additional capacity that did the trick. One of the important reasons behind the improved network, it is said, is AT&T’s “crash course” to Apple on the way the iPhone needed to be tweaked in order to put less strain on the network.

In a report on this, the WSJ writes

“Apple rejiggered how its phones communicate with AT&T’s towers. As a result, the phones now put less of a load on the network for such simple tasks as finding the closest tower or checking for available text messages.”

Ok, so it was Apple that had been the network killer all the while!

[via Apple Insider]