Jetway Mini Top Nettop Price And Features Reviewed

Jetway has announced its latest nettop to the market. The new Mini Top nettop brings with it an extremely thin and small form factor and is packed with a low power Intel Atom D525 processor along with a next-generation ION graphics chip from NVIDIA.

Other features on the new Mini Top from Jetway include output ports for S/PDIF  for relaying 7.1 channel audio, an HDMI video output port, close to 5 USB ports, eSATA port and a DVI jack. The device can also be connected wirelessly thanks to its support for Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. Interestingly, there is also a remote control.

There are a few points to note before you buy though. This nettop device comes without a memory, hard drive or an operating system. Probably, this explains why the device is now available at a pretty affordable price of $270. If you think this is the right device for you, go ahead and check it out on online stores like NewEgg.

Asus Eee Box Nettop EB1501P Review Of Specs And Price

If you are looking at a nettop that is compact and is also not too expensive, here is something you could look at. Asus is launching a new Eee Box EB1501P nettop that comes with a pretty neat and compact form factor besides offering some decent specs. The device is expected to launch in the USA market in a few weeks from now.

From what I hear, the Asus Eee Box EB1501P nettop will come with a dual-core Intel Atom D525 processor that is backed by a powerful NVIDIA Ion graphics chipset for graphics processing. The hardware specs include a 4GB DDR3 RAM, a 320GB hard drive storage and ports for USB, HDMI, eSATA and ethernet connectivity. The device supports Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n connectivity and if the immediate release will include a DVD burner, though later releases (September launches) could include a full-HD Blu-Ray drive. The Asus nettop shall be a Windows 7 Home Premium machine.
Asus Eee Box EB1501P Netttop

Speaking of price, you could be spending close to $500 for all these features detailed above. If high definition gaming is not what you are looking at, this is a good nettop to consider.

Stealth LPC-100 Nettop Features Reviewed

Stealth has come up with its new LPC-100 nettop which the company claims is “Small Enough to Fit in Your Hand Yet Outperforms Most Desktop and Mobile Computers Available Today”. Well, the second part of the claim has to be tested, but from what we see, the size part is definitely not false. The new nettop device is just marginally larger than your smartphone and is one of the smallest products in its category.

So what does the new LPC-100 got to offer? Well, the base model features a 1.9GHz dual-core Celeron T3100 that is upgradeable to a 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo T8400 or the 2.53GHz T9100. Besides this, you also have a couple of DDR3 SODIMM slots that offer a maximum internal memory of 4GB. Storage capacity on the nettop can go as high as 160GB-500GB. Other features on the Stealth LPC-100 include USB ports, serial ports, DVI/VGA output and a microphone and headset connections.

The power consumption of LPC-100 is pretty low and at 12 volts, you can actually fit it onto your car. The roadblock is however the price. The base model of Stealth LPC-100 costs a good $995. But if you are still interested, hop over to website to check out more.

Google TV Will Be A Set-Top Box And A NetTop

A lot has been discussed about the upcoming Google TV. Several companies including Logitech, Intel, Sony and Google are learned to be working on this new set-top box that will take Google to the television and media entertainment space.

However, it appears that Google TV is not going to work merely as a set top box for your television sets. A recent picture of the device’s interiors offers greater insights into what purposes the device will serve. And the speculation right now is that this is not just a set-top box, but also a nettop.
Google TV For Computer Nettop
As you can see from the picture above, the Google TV platform looks pretty similar to any normal Intel Atom powered nettop that supports multimedia capabilities. It has a 1.2GHz Intel Atom processor, hardware accleration for HD video, 3D graphics, heat sink, Wi-Fi module, USB ports, ethernet jack and other connections.

So in all probability, you can not only connect your Google TV to your television as a set top box, but can also connect it to your computer to serve as a media-center platform.

Lenovo C200 Nettop Tech Specs And Price

Lenovo has just removed the wraps on its latest nettop computer – the Lenovo C200 that brings with it some impressive hardware and attractive price points. Out in the stores starting this month, the C200 nettop shall be available at a price between $399 and $499.


  • 18.5″ HD 16:9 widescreen display
  • 256MB graphics processor
  • Intel Atom Dual Core D510 processor
  • NVIDIA Ion Graphics
  • Single-touch touchscreen panel
  • DVD reader/writer
  • 802.11b/g/n, WWAN, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity

The lower priced $399 piece comes without Ion graphics and touchscreen panel

[via Engadget]