Netronix PocketBook 602 eReader Features Revealed

I have officially lost count of the number of eReaders and tablet computers that are in the pipeline. Taiwanese manufacturer Netronix looks to be working on a new eReader for the American market with the Netronix PocketBook 602.

To be clear, Netronix is not a new entrant and has produced quite a few goodies in the past. The new Netronix PocketBook comes from the Taiwanese manufacturer merged with PocketBook to become PocketBook Global earlier this year.

Netronix PocketBook 602 eReader Features

So this is what the Netronix PocketBook 602 ebook reader will feature – a 6-inches e-ink display, a 532MHz Freescale ARM11 processor, customized Linux OS and optional bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G/3.5G wireless connectivity. The PocketBook 602 eReader is expected to support an array of text and audio file formats like PDF, ePUB, FB2, HTML, TXT, PRC, MOBI, RTF, DOC, JPG, and MP3.

The device has just paid a visit to FCC and so the launch and price details are not apparent.