Pricing Of Nokia N8 On Vodafone UK Announced

Vodafone users in the United Kingdom can now get hold of the latest smartphone from the Finnish technology giant. The new Nokia N8 will now be available on Vodafone UK at zero upfront cost. But that is along with a two year contract where you will pay £30 a month. There are also higher monthly plans for £35, £40 and £45 for the same contract period where you will get commensurately higher data limit and voice minutes. If you are looking at a smaller monthly expenditure, you should check out the £25 per month plan. This comes with 100 minutes of talktime, 500MB of data and 500 free texts. But to subscribe to this plan, you will have to pay a £99 upfront cost.

Vodafone enjoys exclusivity on the new Nokia N8 in UK at the moment. So if you want a slice of this Nokia fun, head over to the Vodafone store in your neighborhood or to the website here and make your purchase.

Buy Nokia N8 Online In UK From October 15 – Store Launch On Oct 22

If you are not one of those who had pre-ordered the new Nokia N8 Symbian^3 smartphone, you can finally make a direct purchase starting later this month. Espoo has announced that the upcoming N8 shall be available for sale online via the Nokia web store in the UK starting October 15. The device will further hit the retail stores from the 22nd of this month.

Nokia has teamed up with a number of retailers for this launch. Users looking to purchase an N8 shall be able to do so from any of the major carriers in the UK in addition to Tesco Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Retailers who will keep stock of the N8 will include Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U.

It is believed that the Nokia N8 will also hit the rest of Europe on October 22. There is no confirmation on that at the moment.

Turn Any Display Into TouchScreen With Nokia Plug And Touch

Nokia has showcased some pretty cool upcoming technology at the recently concluded Nokia World conference in London. One such technology that is yet to be available for public consumption is the “Plug and Touch” system that lets users transform any display into a touchscreen display.

Plug and Touch is basically an application that runs on Nokia N8 and it uses the 12-megapixel camera on the phone to detect users’ finger movements over the HDMI-connected display. Based on these finger movements, the application can let users pick selections and process the requests. Check out this video demo for a greater understanding.

Nokia believes that the technology can be made much more sophisticated in the future with the help of Wi-Fi streaming over DLNA that will make it easier for the system to be used without having the phone clamped into position. This definitely looks very interesting.

Nokia N8 Launch Date Set For September 30

Looks like the earlier speculations about the launch date of the new Nokia N8 scheduled towards the end of September are sort of correct. Tapani Kaskinen,  Senior Comms Manager at Nokia has revealed to a Finnish newspaper that the company will begin the fulfillment of Nokia N8 pre-orders starting the 30th of this month. Now, since this revelation was made to the Finnish media, it is not clear if the dates hold true for the rest of the world. But since Kaskinen is specifically talking about pre-orders , I’m assuming the news holds true for all markets where Nokia has opened its preorder counters.

If you are in the USA, this would definitely mean September 30. A report in mid-August had speculated the launch to happen in the end of September at a price of $550. Also, Espoo is noted to have purchased ad spots on Google Adwords for a week-long campaign starting September 23. So that nearly explains it.

Nokia N8 Pre-Orders In USA Now Open

Nokia N8  – the 3.7″ AMOLED touchscreen display Symbian^3 device with a 12-megapixel camera is now available for pre-orders in the United States. We had earlier written about the launch date which has so far been set tentatively at “end of September”. The phone runs on a 600MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor and contains a 256MB RAM, Xenon Flash and a storage space of up to 32GB.

The device has been available for quite sometime elsewhere in Europe and the pre-orders in Germany were  open as early as May of this year. In the US, Nokia N8 shall be available at a pre-order price of $549 that is not too different from the Europen price that is roughly about $587 accounting for the exchange rates.

You can check out the detailed features and book your phone on the Nokia USA website here.

Nokia N8 Price And Launch Date In US Announced

These are crucial times for Nokia – more importantly its CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo. The fact that the company has not been able to launch one major product in the western market that can take on the new breed of smartphones from Apple and the OHA manufacturers has meant that the Finnish giant is bracing itself up for a decisive launch of the new Nokia N8.

According to reports, this new Symbian handset could be launching in the US towards the end of September – that’s presumably after the Nokia World Event in London that concludes on September 15. If the price is anything to go by, expect for lukewarm sales. The Nokia N8 is expected to ship at $550 in USA.

Do note that the N8 is no iPhone. But it’s not a dud either. The device comes with a powerful 12-megapixel camera, HD video recording capability, HDMI output and a 16GB internal memory. All this does qualify it for the $550 price point and it is now up to the consumers to make their choice.

DivX Support On Nokia N8

Nokia N8 it seems, has all the prerequisites to be one excellent multimedia playback device. According to a recent report on the French blog, Blog N8, the upcoming Symbian device from Nokia may support the playback of media in DivX format. The blog has confirmed this off-the-record from a Nokia France executive who is reported to have demoed the functionality by playing a video of Avatar in DivX encoded format.

Nokia N8 has already been in the news lately over its ability to run multiple formats of media, including H.264 and MPEG4. But we will remind you to take this news with a pinch of salt for the moment. Nokia has never talked of DivX compatibility on N8 so far and the company has made no official statement in this regard.

Nevertheless, be hopeful.

[via Blog N8]

Nokia N8 Price Revealed – Available For Preorder

The Nokia N8 is without doubt one of the most awaited smartphones from Espoo this year. With a 3.7″ AMOLED touchscreen, 12 megapixel auto-focus camera and an ARM Cortex 8 processor, the device packs itself up with pretty impressive features.

Nokia N8

The device is now available for pre-order at Amazon Germany. The launch date is not yet announced though Nokia had earlier revealed a launch in Q3 2010. That means the phone is at least a month away from now.

If you are eager to check the device out, click here to know. Price – €469.50 ($587) in Germany. Expect it to come cheaper with a contract.

[via Slashgear]

Nokia N8 Web Browser Features And Demo

The N8 is seen as the next big thing from Nokia and the phone is already receiving a lot of rave reviews. A new video posted on YouTube gives a clearer look into the Symbian^3 handset’s browser. Here are some features you will find interesting

  • Kinetic Scrolling
  • Multi-touch
  • Pinch zooming
  • Support for Adobe Flash
  • Landscape and Portrait rendering

Here is the full video demo of the web browser

[via Nokia Blog]

Nokia N8 Features And Launch Date

Folks at Engadget have received some interesting tip about Nokia’s new N8 device launching in the middle of next month. Unlike conventional high profile launches, this one is likely to be a small event. However significantly, the launch is expected to be made just before the company’s Annual General Meeting in Helsinki.

What does an N8 look like? Like this?

Nokia N8 features and launch date

You might remember that last month we had written about leaked technical specs of a Nokia N87. Back then we had written that the device will have

12MP autofocus camera
Xenon Flash and night view mode
600MHz ARM Cortex 8 processor
3.7 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen
Wi-Fi, A-GPS
FM radio and transmitter
16Gb/32Gb storage
Symbian OS

Is the new N8 same as N87? We are not sure, but we hope it is.

[via Engadget]