MSI FX610 Review Of Price And Features

We had written about the MSI FX600 notebook sometime back. Did you like it? If you did, here is something interesting. The notebook is now also available on an AMD Phenom II processor. And it will now be called the MSI FX610. If you are not aware of the specs, here’s a quick rundown.

The MSI FX610 will feature a 15.6″ TFT LCD display with LED backlight. The notebook comes equipped with a 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5470 GPU along with the AMD processor. You will remember that the FX600 had an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card instead. Other features include a 4GB DDR3 memory, a 500GB storage space, support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & HDMI and a built-in 720p webcam.

Now there is no confirmation on the pricing, but expect it to hover around the $900 mark like the FX600.

MSI FX600 Notebook Review Of Tech Specs

MSI has removed the wraps off its latest laptop that is sure to get a few gamers out in the wild interested. Let me tell you at the forefront that I still do not have any information on the pricing and launch date of the new notebook. But the technical specifications are out and it sure sounds interesting.

First thing, the notebook comes with a 15.6-inches display screen and a powerful Intel Core i5 processor. With a 4GB DDR3 RAM on-board, expect some fluent performance. Other tech specs on the new MSI notebook include a 500GB hard drive, HD webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium and four internal speakers. The notebook offers all the standard connectivity options including Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth and Gigabit ethernet.

An interesting aspect about the MSI FX600 notebook is its support for gaming content. The notebook is supported by NVIDIA’s 1GB GeForce GT325M graphics chip and NVIDIA Optimus that helps in graphics switching and battery efficiency. Add to this, the THX surround sound and you can expect a high definition gaming experience on the cards.

Do you like it?