Motorola Rambler Technical Specifications And Price Review

Are you that kind of a person who sends dozens of text messages every day? If so, you should check out this new Motorola handset that is soon becoming available on Boost Mobile. The Motorola Rambler is a clamshell device that supports a physical QWERTY keyboard that is ideal for the heavy texters. Other features on the device include a 1.3-Megapixel camera, video recording capability, GPS, wireless internet, stereo bluetooth capability and integration with IM clients like Yahoo, AOL and MSN.

Motorola Rambler is coming to the online stores on August 11 and will sell at a price of $99.99 presumably with a standard 2 year contract. With respect to data plans, there are a couple of Boost Mobile offers to choose from. Head over to the Boost Mobile website to check them out and also to find out more about the new Rambler from Motorola.