Motorola Milestone 2 Features Revealed

Motorola will soon be unveiling its new Milestone 2. They even had a demo video ready but before you realized it, the video was pulled. But some good folks have managed to get hold of the stocks and have republished the video. So from the demo, here is what we know.

Firstly, this is a MOTOBLUR device. That could in itself come as a deal breaker to many. Nevertheless, let’s move on – there is a 1GHz processor and a 40GB storage space. There is a camera with dual-LED flash but there is no mention about the sensor resolution. Also, you have HD video recording, 3G mobile hotspot, Flash 10.1 support and a Droid 2 keyboard. Multitasking is possible too and you may run up to 7 apps simultaneously.

This is definitely not enough information to make a decision. But you do get the idea, right? Check out the video for more.

Easy Root App For Android Available Once Again

Remember Easy Root? The simple one-click rooting application was launched on the Android marketplace last week and let users of Motorola Droid, Droid-X and Milestone root their Android phones. However, soon after, Google suspended the application. While the reason behind Google’s move is not clear as yet, it is being speculated that this is either because Google does not want a rooting application on their marketplace or because the app violates the Android EULA.

Eitherways, you should be happy to know that the Easy Root app is back. Not in the marketplace though. Unstable Apps – the developer behind the Easy Root application has announced that the application can now be purchased directly via Paypal at a price of $0.99.

If you are one looking to root your Motorola Android phone, you may hop over to the Unstable Apps website and make your payment. The app’s APK is available for download here.

Is your phone rooted? Why not write down your experience and queries in the comments below?

Easy Root App For Motorola Droid/Droid-X/Milestone Removed From Android Marketplace

Easy Root” – an easy one-click solution for users looking to root Android 2.2 on their Motorola Droid, Droid-X and Milestone has reportedly been removed from the Android Marketplace. While I have not been able to try the app out myself, the app presumably offers an easy way for non-techie users of these Android handsets to be able to root their Motorola phones. Unlike most other rooting applications, Easy Root does not require users to connect their handsets to a computer. Instead, they were required to download the $1 app from the Marketplace and tap ‘Root Me‘ to get started.

Interestingly though, it is Google and not the developer who has pulled the app from the marketplace. The reasoning is not exactly clear since rooting is now legal and hence Google – a company that extolls open source – should have no problem with letting a rooting application on their marketplace.

There are speculations though that the app may have been removed because it used Google’s open source for profit-making motives. A user on the Google support thread notes,

“I was told that the reason it was suspended is because it used googles source code and made a profit using the source code only which i actually think is against the EULA.”

While I cannot vouch for the credibility of the statements, that definitely appears to be a valid reason though. Will the developer relaunch this app as a free download? Possible. Let’s wait and watch.

PS : If you have a Droid X, then check out these two links for alternate rooting solutions.

How To Manually Update Motorola Droid To Android 2.2 [Updated]

Update: Apparently, the Android 2.2 manual update does not work on Motorola Milestone phones. So, please try the following only on your Motorola Droid handsets.

Motorola Droid  users have started receiving over the air updates of the new Android 2.2 OS to their mobile phones. But if you are somehow not been able to update using the OTA link or would prefer to manually update your Droid to Android 2.2, the following steps may help.

Please do note that this will not work if you have rooted your Droid.

1. Click here to download the update file to your computer.

2. Rename the file to UPDATE.ZIP (If the .zip extension is not present, then rename the file simply as UPDATE. The extension should be automatically taken care of)

3. Move the file to the root of your SDCard

4. Switch off your phone

5. Boot your phone into recovery mode by holding power button and X simultaneously

6. You will now see a triangle with an exclamation point displayed. At this point, release both the buttons

7. Press the Volume-Up button and Camera button simultaneously

8. Use your D-Pad to select the “apply” option. Press the gold button on the D-Pad to continue

9. The update file will now be run. Once this is done, use the D-Pad to reboot your Motorola Droid

10. The phone will now reboot with the new Android OS

The manual update process is complete. Enjoy Froyo on your Motorola Droid.

Motorola Milestone XT720 UK Launch Date & Tech Specs Review

Clove – one of the popular electronics retailer in the UK has revealed that their stores will begin selling the new Motorola Milestone XT720 starting 19th of this month. That’s Monday next week.

The new Milestone phone from Motorola will come with a 3.7-inches touchscreen equipped with a virtual QWERTY keyboard. The phone runs on Android 2.1 and carries an 8-Megapixel camera with auto focus and Xenon flash. The phone also supports 720p HD video capture and mini-HDMI port for HDTV viewing. Other regular features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and accelerometer are also provided. The phone is powered by a 720MHz processor that will run on a 256MB RAM and a 512MB ROM.

The device will come SIM-free and unlocked which means you may stay with the carrier of your choice. That will also mean you have to pay an unsubsidized cost of £381.88 ($587) to secure your device . Ready for it?