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Internet Tethering On Droid 2 Via USB Coming Soon?

Motorola Droid 2 users already enjoy the ability to tether their Android phone to a computer wirelessly. But if you are looking for a wired alternative, that may be coming soon. Leaked screenshots of an upcoming ROM build have revealed that Droid 2 users will be getting this alternative to the mobile hotspot facility as an OS update.

The update is expected to bring two more significant features to Droid 2 – a Home Screen launcher and a new Profiles section in the Launcher. The Profiles section is very similar to what you already see on the Motorola Droid Pro and will let users to easily switch between several setups for the homescreen. For instance, you may have one theme set up for workplace, another for home etc. and this new feature will help you easily switch between these.

There is no word on when this update will be released.

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Motorola Droid 2 To Be Replaced With Droid 2 World Edition?

Rumors are doing the rounds that Verizon is mulling over a proposal to discontinue its sale of the new Motorola Droid 2 that was released just last month and instead replace it with the upcoming Droid 2 World Edition in its stores. Logistically, it is a sane move considering the cost involved in managing additional models. But it is also likely that Verizon continues to sell the older Droid 2 lest it will rub the early adopters the wrong way.

Details about the upcoming Motorola Droid 2 World edition have not been comprehensive though we do know that this is a world-ready phone with both CDMA and GSM capabilities. In addition to the blue/black units, the handset is also likely to be sold in white. Rumors also point out that Droid 2 World Edition is the same as Droid Pro which is another handset that has made some noise in the past.

Despite all this, do note that this is all in the rumor mills and may turn out to be a false alarm.

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Custom ROM For Motorola Droid 2 Now Available For Download

If you have a rooted Motorola Droid 2, now is the time to go ahead and install custom ROMs. Matt4542, the developer who was responsible for the EPIC ROM for the original Motorola Droid has released an updated custom ROM for the new Motorola Droid 2. The stock Blur theme still exists; however, the script includes a lot of new scripts and is deodexed (allows theme customizations,etc.) and optimized.

For those who are yet to root their Droid 2, you can check out our earlier article on how to root your D2. Also, don’t forget to check out the new bootstrap recovery method. BUT, please do remember that rooting your handset is extremely risky and you stand to lose your warranty besides bricking your phone. So, please proceed at your own discretion.

Don’t forget to write down your experience though.

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Samsung Fascinate Vs. Motorola Droid 2 – Features Comparison

Rumors are doing the rounds that Samsung Fascinate (from the Galaxy S series) could be launching on Verizon by next week – September 8 to be precise. So, if you are a Verizon customer looking for a nice Android phone, which one should you go for – Droid 2 or Fascinate? After all, these are two hot Android devices in recent times. Here’s a features comparison


Droid 2 features a 3.7″ display with 854×480 pixels. On the other hand, Fascinate carries a 4″ display with 800×480 pixels. Speaking in terms of ppi (pixels-per-inch), Droid 2 is just marginally better than Fascinate.

Winner: Droid 2


Both devices come with a 1GHz processor. However, while the Droid 2 carries a 8GB ROM with a 512MB RAM, Samsung Fascinate only comes with a 512MB ROM and 336MB RAM. Not too bad, yet on a relative scale, Droid 2 scores. Besides this, there is not much to pick between the two.  Both devices carry a 5-megapixel camera with flash (Dual-LED on Droid 2) and support for up to 32GB storage. Of course, Fascinate comes with an additional 2GB storage memory, but that I think is not too significant for Fascinate to out-score Droid 2. So, considering the memory specs alone, Droid 2 is slightly ahead.

Winner : Droid 2


Again, nothing much to pick between the two. Droid 2 does have Flash pre-installed, but Fascinate is expected to get the feature by the end of the year – around the same time when it is expected to get an OS upgrade to Android 2.2 (Droid 2 already runs Android 2.2). Other functionalities include video capture (HD on Fascinate, DVD-quality on Droid 2), maps, natively installed applications and 3G hotspot capability. Neither device carries a HDMI Tv output.

Winner : None

Here’s a quick summary of all features. Overall, I would pick Motorola Droid 2 over Fascinate. How about you?

Samsung Fascinate vs. Motorola Droid 2

This is a guest post by Vineet Singh, a Mechanical engineering student at Mumbai University

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Boot Custom ROMs On Motorola Droid 2 With New Bootstrap Recovery

Though Android is an open source platform, the features on offer still does not satisfy the nerds and consequently these users attempt to root their devices to gain full administrator privileges to their Android handsets. Rooting your phone is however just one part of the story since booting custom ROMs and installing custom kernels is what will help you exploit your device to the fullest.

Now, a new bootstrap recovery software has been released that will enable users who have rooted their Droid 2 to install custom ROMs to their handsets. Hacker Koushik Datta has released this new Droid 2 bootstrap recovery software that will allow easy access to Clockwork recovery and also install flash ROMs when they become available.

The software is not exactly new and uses the same application used for bootstrap recovery of Motorola Droid X. You can download the application here or also check it out on the Android store where it is available at $2 if in case you want to support the developer. Check out the complete instructions here. If you are yet to root your Droid 2, check out the instructions to root here.

I’m no techie and so credits to Droid Life for this piece.

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Motorola Droid 2 Root Tutorial Now Available

So just two weeks after it was released in the market, the new Motorola Droid 2 Android phone has been rooted. And the credit, not too surprisingly, goes out to the folks at XDA Developers. The root basically involves installing the ADB files and Motorola drivers for Windows and then using the command prompt to hit out several commands that will eventually root the system. Of course, you can find the entire tutorial at XDA’s here.

Now, if you are newbie and are very determined to root, we would advise you to wait. According to the developers, the rooting procedure used for Droid 2 is not too different from the procedure used for Droid X. This means, a one-click easy rooting app for Droid 2 should become available pretty soon.

Rooting tutorial for Motorola Droid 2

Either way, rooting your phone can be extremely risky and you may even end up bricking your phone. So proceed at your own peril!

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Verizon Droid 2 Launch Date Revealed?

Motorola has had an extremely successful outing with the Droid. Now the company is gearing itself up for the launch of the second generation of their Android smartphone – named Droid 2. According to sources, Verizon Droid 2 shall be launching in the American market on August 23.

Take this speculation with a grain of salt for the moment. August 23 happens to be a Monday and really not the ideal time to launch a phone. Nevertheless, an August launch of the new Motorola phone was always on the cards.

Motorola Droid 2 is expected to launch on Android 2.2. However, there is no confirmation on that. Motorola is learned to be fighting against time to bring Froyo to the next generation Droid phone. In the event that does not happen, users will have to wait for an OTA update to update from Android 2.1 to 2.2 at a later date.

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Verizon Launching Two Motorola Devices In July

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Motorola is working with Verizon to launch two new Android handsets in July. One of them is going to be the Motorola Droid and we are not sure what the other phone is going to be called.

As the report notes, the “Droid” brand is owned, rather licensed to Verizon, and not Motorola. Consequently, it is entirely Verizon’s prerogative to decide which of the two devices will get to be the next Droid. Technically, it is also possible for a third handset from the likes of HTC to get hold of that slot, though it appears unlikely at the moment, particularly considering the success of the earlier Motorola Droid.

Verizon is noted to be banking on a $100 million marketing campaign in July to sell its new launches. Expect a lot of attacks on the AT&T and its “tiara wearing princess” in this period.

[via WSJ]

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Motorola Droid 2 Tech Specs And Launch Revealed?

When the iPhone first launched in 2007, there was a good six month gap between the unveil and launch. The phone still went on to become a hit. No longer. Such a gap between release and launch could burn a company today.

Six months after Motorola launched the Droid, the smartphone is already considered outdated. Consequently, we have been hearing that Motorola is planning to release a second version of Droid sometime in the next few months. So what will you get here? Here’s what we have heard

Display : 4.1″ TFT full-WVGA touchscreen display
Platform : Android 2.1 (upgradeable to Android 2.2)
Camera : 8 megapixel camera with HD (720p) video recording
Internal Memory : 2GB
1080p output via HDMI port
TI OMAP 3630 processor (probably at 720 MHz)

The launch, we hear, could be around July. That would be ideal because it could pit the Droid yet again against the iPhone which is expected to launch in June.