@Mac Email Accounts To Be Disabled?

It has been quite a while since Apple moved their customers from @mac.com to @me.com email addresses. However until now, customers were able to send emails from both the @mac.com and @me.com email addresses. But that could cease to exist soon as some MobileMe customers have discovered.

According to one customer, users who have set their MobileMe account after updating to iOS 4.2 may not be able to send emails via the @mac.com address. While users can still sync their @mac.com account details via iTunes, push email no longer appears to be working. Commenting on these changes, an Apple MobileMe support staff has noted,

“your address will be automatically replaced by @me.com. But if someone send you a message to @mac.com you will be able to get the message same if your iPhone is setting up with @me.com”

There is still no word on when the @mac email address shall be turned off completely. We are still awaiting an official response in this regard.

Users Notice MobileMe Login Problems Due To New Password Policy

It was only recently that we had written about a bug on the iOS 4.2 platform that resulted in a number of mobileme users noticing a “password error” message while trying to access mobileme. You can check out the possible resolution methods for the bug by clicking here.

Now we are hearing about yet another login related trouble with mobileme. Apparently, this time the problem is not with iOS 4.2, but a new password policy from Apple that targets users with short and easy passwords. According to the new policy, mobileme accounts should now have passwords that are at least 8 characters long and need to contain at least one number and letter.

Users who have short passwords not fulfilling the criteria are thus seeing a message from Apple prompting them to change passwords. However, a section of users are also complaining that the change is invisible and simply displays login failure messages to users whose passwords do not meet the criteria.

If you are one  of those users seeing such errors, simply reset your password to fulfil the new criteria and that should do.

Has Find My iPhone Email-Verification Process Got A Bug?

Apple has made the Find My iPhone on MobileMe available for free on the latest version of iOS 4.2. While this is indeed a very nifty feature, a lot of users are complaining that they have been facing problems in verifying their email address while signing up for the service.

Apparently, users are notified that they would need to activate the service by clicking on a link in an email. Following the instructions however does not seem to activate the service. Here is an excerpt from the lengthy discussion on the Apple support forums

“I want to take advantage of the Find My iProduct feature that comes with the new iOS 4.2 update. I added a MobileMe account on my iPad using my Apple ID, then received a note saying I needed to verify my email address before it would become active. A few minutes later, I received the verification email and clicked on the link to verify. After another minute or two, I rechecked my MobileMe account on the iPad but it’s showing as “Not Verified”. I tried to re-verify by clicking on the link in the email and I was taken back to Apple’s website with a message that my email was already verified. When I go to my account settings on the MobileMe site it still shows the email address as not verified.”

“I’m guessing most people are in the same boat as me and never had Mobile Me accounts. From the beginning I used my Apple ID (which is an email address), which I also confirmed through the Apple ID account page. I even deleted my secondary email on that account to make sure only 1 email address is tied to it. Using our email as our Apple ID does not solve this issue”

For some users, the issue appears to have resolved by itself after a few days of trial. There are a few solutions posted too. You may want to check out one of these

“Change your APPLE ID to the E-mail address you have on file-when you sign into the Apple ID page on the bottom there is a little warning sign that says “change your Apple ID to…” just click submit and use the e-mail as your apple id-Because when u ADD an e-mail account to the device it actually is asking for e-mail type as ID-so your APPLE ID should be set to your primary e-mail.

After you do all this changes go to my next step:

Now when signing into your mobileme account on your device ( iPhone, iPad etc ) if you use the FREE .ME account sign in with the APPLE ID-which is the e-mail u used as PRIMARY or press DELETE ACCOUNT and create a NEW one with the same APPLE ID u used before.

If u use the APP do the same thing use your changed APPLE ID (the e-mail thats set as primary) and password”

If you are a user who has been affected, do let us know if this solves the problem.

Find My iPhone For iPhone 3G(S) & iPod Touch 2G Available

If you are an iPhone 3G/3GS owner who has just updated to the new iOS 4.2.1 platform, you may have been disappointed to see that the free Find My iPhone feature is not available on your model – by default, that is. Apple has always been known to push the sale of its newer handsets by making certain attractive features unavailable on the older models. This time however, they have simply chosen to make it a much more cumbersome  process.

So technically, it is possible to set up the Find My iPhone feature on your phone provided the service is available in your country. This is how you will do it.

I : Get hold of an iPhone 4, iPad or iPod Touch 4G (from a friend or family member who hasn’t set up a MobileMe account yet). Download the free Find My iPhone app by clicking here.

II : If you don’t have a MobileMe account yet, launch the application and create a new MobileMe account.

III : Now go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add a MobileMe account and enter your MobileMe login credentials

IV : Turn the Find My iPhone on the MobileMe account on

V : Launch the recently downloaded application once again and enter your MobileMe account details

VI : Now get hold of your older iPhone or iPod Touch model and download the Find My iPhone app once again from the App Store

VII : Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add a MobileMe account and enter your MobileMe login credentials

VIII : Launch the downloaded application and enter the MobileMe login account to set up the functionality

IX : If the newer iPhone/iPad model is not yours, disable the MobileMe account from Settings and delete the application.

You are done. You can now track your iPhone or iPod Touch anytime it gets lost.

iOS 4.2 Bug Causing MobileMe “Password Wrong” Error

Over the past few days since iOS 4.2 got ready for its roll out, users seem to have been noticing a problem in signing into their MobileMe accounts. The complaint is that the system fails to let them into the me.com account on the web as well as on the iDevice citing wrong password entry. This is despite the user entering the right password.

The problem is not exactly with iOS 4.2, but could instead be because of the new Apple ID integration that has been offered. So is there a fix as yet? From what we hear, users may be able to login the second time they enter the password over the web at me.com. On the iPhone or iPad, the account seems to sync as usual even though you have this password error.

Another way to resolve the bug appears to be by switching to the older [email protected] account for the time being. You may come back to the [email protected] account once this issue gets resolved by Apple.

Did any of these work? Write to us in the comments.

Free MobileMe Account With iOS 4.2 May Be Rolling Out

Apple may be rolling out free MobileMe accounts to iPhone users with the imminent rollout of iOS 4.2. This possibility has been uncovered by folks at MacRumors who were able to dig into some warnings and notifications hidden in the latest GM build of iOS 4.2. These error messages also give us an indication that the free MobileMe service may be restricted to certain models of iPhone or iPod Touch.

Free MobileMe account

It is further known that Apple has created a new AppleAccounts framework that confirms earlier speculations that the company could be rolling out a consolidated login method moving forward. Additionally, it is also being rumored that the roll-out of a free MobileMe service could be the beginning of over-the-air updates for iOS.

Android users have for long enjoyed the easy OTA update for new OS releases. Apple users, on the other hand, have had to contend with tethered updates over iTunes. The rollout of a free MobileMe account to all iOS devices could mark the onset of OTA iOS updates as well.