VLC Media Player For Android Launching Soon

The VLC media player has, for a long time, been one of the most popular applications for viewing media files. This is given the fact that it supports almost every media format. Now, it is being learnt that a VLC media player app for Android could be rolling out soon.

According to Jean-Baptiste Kempf, a VLC developer, it is just a matter of weeks before the application is released on the Android platform. The development work is noted to have been in progress for a long time. Although initial work was hampered due to software limitations on the Android front, work seems to have picked up pace once an updated version of the Android NDK was released earlier this month.

Kempft has indicated that most of the VLC libraries have already been ported to Android and that specific device issues could be the only reason that could delay the launch further. Let’s hope a public release happens very soon.

VLC Player For iPad & iPhone May Be Banned

Here is some sad news. VLC Player, the popular media player application that can run almost every file format may be removed from the App Store soon. The application made its way in just last week. It is said that this is because the application violates the GNU General Public License that the software is distributed under. These licenses stipulate that any software under GNU must be capable of being copied freely and distributed by the user. But with the Apple App Store, every app is stamped with DRM that makes it impossible for such sharing to take place. In other words, such a GNU-licensed app cannot make it to the App Store.

The copyright infringement complaint in this regard was filed by Rémi Denis-Courmont; an original developer of the VLC player. The iPhone app remains on the App Store as of now. But that can change pretty soon.

VLC Media Player For iPhone & iPod Touch Releases

If you consume a lot of media applications from a variety of file formats, VLC is definitely one of the media players that you must have been comfortable with. Last month, French iOS app developer Applidium had submitted an iPad app for VLC that was instantly approved by the App Review team at Cupertino. The application was soon touted to be a big success.

Following up with the iPad launch, the team of developers have now got an iPhone version of the app up and running on the App Store. The new VLC media player for iPhone and iPod Touch will however not be compatible with older models. That means if you own an iPhone 3G or lower as well as iPod Touch 2G or lower, you cannot use this application.

Best of all, this app is free to download. If you are eager to check it out, hit this link to download the app rightaway from the app store.

Winamp App For Android Platform Releases

Winamp, the desktop media player that a lot many of you probably grew up with is now becoming relevant once again. Nullsoft has announced the launch of a new Winamp Android app that will let users easily sync their desktop music files with their music library on the Android and render quality music playback. The features that are offered on the Android app include,

  • Sync with Winamp desktop library with USB or Wi-Fi
  • Play Queue Management
  • Widget Players & Shortcuts
  • Now Playing
  • Scrobbling with Last.fm Android application

Besides this, the company has also announced that a number of new features like SHOUTcast streaming are still on the way. The Winamp app for Android is free to download. Use the QR code to download and install your favorite media player app from the 90s.

Winamp QR code

Samsung Galaxy Player50 To Take On The New iPod Touch

So, the Android rival to the recently announced iPod Touch 4 has arrived. The new Samsung Galaxy Player 50, as you guessed, is a portable media player that will run on the Android OS. Android 2.1 to be precise. The device comes with pretty much everything that you see on modern day smartphones, including access to the Android marketplace, except of course the voice-call part. But this is a pretty impressive device from what you can see from the specs.

Firstly, this is a 3.2″ display – smaller than regular smartphone displays, but reasonable – that is equipped with a WQVGA LCD screenwith multitouch capability. Other specifications include a storage space of 8GB and 16GB with microSD card expansion of up to 32GB, a 2-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi connectivity. One gripe that you may have is that the device runs on Android 2.1 and not FroYo. But the device otherwise comes with all the bells and whistles that Android smartphones come with. There is no word on the price, but we expect it to effectively counter the iPod Touch 4.

Samsung Galaxy Player 50

Syabas PopBox On Sale – Price And Features Review

Remember PopBox – the HD media player from Syabas that was expected to hit the virtual shelves of Amazon on July 23? So the word is out that the device is now already on sale. Several users who had pre-ordered a device have been notified that their PopBox has now been shipped.

So, in case you are a late bloomer and still wondering what this one brings, here is a recap – PopBox builds upon the media player from Popcorn Hour into a more consumer friendly format that integrates support for Picasa, Youtube, Twitter, Shoutcast, Revision3 and Clicker. Netflix is still conspicuously absent though we’ve heard that this is only for the time being.

What more? PopBox includes compatibility for RealID 3D content, HDMI video component outputs, 100Mbps bitrate and 1080p video. Now, all of this costs $129. Think it’s worth it? Check out the Amazon store right away.

CinemaGo Mini CG HD Media Player Price And Features

You can call the media player industry fairly saturated. With players like Roku and Boxee Box in the fray, it is not an easy choice for smaller players like Brite-View. However, their latest launch does bring some hope.

The new CinemaGo BV-5005HD Mini CG brings with it a USB 2.0 port, BitTorrent manager, eSATA port and support to a huge array of video file formats including MOV, WMV, MKV, AVI, VOB, DIVX, FLV and RMVB. Besides these, users may also access internet radio channels like MUZEE and make use of the integrated Wi-Fi functionality.

There is a major gripe though. Brite-View’s CinemaGo Mini CG Media player does not come with local storage support. That could be one of the prominent disappointments especially on a device that is priced at a not-so-cheap $149.99

Nevertheless, if you are ready to connect your media player to your computer via the USB port or wirelessly and stream these movies, then that should not be a problem.

Are you going for it?

PopBox HD Media Player Features & Launch Date

Syabas technology has announced that the new HD Media Player from their stables, the PopBox, shall be making its way to the stores in just a few weeks from now. In all likelihood, the PopBox HD Media player should be available on Amazon beginning July 23. We are not sure if a pre-order is going to be made available. Also, absolutely no word on the pricing as yet.

So what are you going to get on PopBox? Well, while there are several things to get impressed, we must make it clear that the new PopBox does not contain support for Netflix. Netflix online streaming is becoming an increasingly standard feature on media players with it being offered on devices like the Popcorn Hour, Roku, Western Digital among others.

Nevertheless, PopBox is expected to be preloaded with plenty of games. Also, the HD media player will be integrated with Picasa, Youtube, Twitter, Shoutcast, Revision3 and Clicker. PopBox supports RealD 3D content and contains HDMI and component video outputs. So as you see, do not discard this choice just because it lacks Netflix.

SeaGate Media Players To Get Netflix Video Streaming

Last week, Seagate partnered with Paramount Pictures to pre-load several movies including the likes of GI Joe and The Love Guru to its 500GB FreeAgent Go Portable hard drives. Now the company has announced another partnership; this time with Netflix to offer video streaming services from the movie rental company on Seagate’s home media players.

Seagate’s FreeAgent Theater+ HD has traditionally allowed users to view movies and videos stored in their computer over their television screen. With this new partnership, the company will also let users stream movies from Netflix via their computer to the Television screen. This could be a significant move for Seagate and Netflix alike as the hardware manufacturer increasingly focuses on content consumption to drive the sale of their devices.

Seagate has also revealed that their media players will also enable access to services like YouTube, vTuner, and Mediafly.

[via VentureBeat]

Wireless Media Player To Stream Media

The number of media files accessed and the method of access is aplenty. Users consume content from radio, play audio tracks, video tracks, stream audio and video tracks from third party source. As a result, the method to play these different formats and organizing these as playlists is getting increasingly complicated.

Sony Ericsson has applied for a patent on a technology that can make this organization of media easy. In its recent filing, the inventors  write,

“According to a first aspect, this object is fulfilled by a wireless device, comprising a media player; a radio signal receiver system configured to receive media signals; a controller comprising a memory comprising a list of different media options, and a media scanner configured to scan the radio signal receiver system to detect media content associated with the media options.

In one embodiment the wireless device comprises a user interface, wherein the controller is configured to output an alert signal through the user interface to indicate that media content associated with the media options list has been detected by the media scanner.

In one embodiment the media options includes a plurality of different media channels, the device comprising a user interface including a display operable to present a list of media channels, wherein the controller is configured to highlight a media channel on the display responsive to the media scanner detecting reception of that media channel.”

Sony Ericsson wireless media player